My Favourite AM Beauty Rituals

Whenever I talk about the fact that I really enjoy early mornings I can practically feel the glares and eye rolling through my screen. But it's always been my favourite time of day, it's so calm and peaceful and there is something so wonderful about the world not being quite at maximum speed yet. There are a few beauty rituals that I do every morning without fail [unless I'm going out with my eyes half shut in a rush] and I thought it was about time that I shared them with you.  


Possibly one of the most boring things to talk about in a blog post right? And it's probably a little weird to get joy out of something so simple but it's something that really makes me feel ready to start my day. It's one of the first things I do when I wake up apart from checking my phone [I know it's a bad habit but it's a really hard one to break]. Even if it's just an antibacterial gel it makes me feel so much fresher as I go bed with my hands smothered in cream. I always make sure I do it right before cleansing and applying makeup too just so I'm definitely not spreading any bacteria around my skin. Ever since I got into the habit of doing this a few years ago I've noticed that I'm a lot less prone to getting little whiteheads. 


I work from home so if I really wanted to it wouldn't matter if I never washed my face as it wouldn't affect my work day at all. But there is something so nice about taking the time to wash my face and apply my skincare. And it doesn't matter whether I'm applying makeup that day or not I have to wash my face and it's surprising what can build up overnight. When I skip this step I always notice that my skin starts to go downhill, being a more oily girl I've found it's super important to keep on top of cleansing. It probably takes me 2 minutes maximum to cleanse and apply the rest of my routine but it makes all the difference in the world to how I feel in the AM. 


It doesn't matter what I'm doing, even if I'm not leaving the house [unless I'm a really unwell and spending the entire day in bed] I will always use perfume. And I think there is something so special about the process of picking up your favourite scent and dousing yourself in it. As well as it making you feel good you also smell great as well so it's a win-win for everyone. It doesn't matter if I'm having the worst skin, hair or makeup day something as simple as spraying on a delicious scent can make me feel awesome. 


As soon as I've brushed my teeth I always make sure I apply lip balm as it's usually when I'm applying the rest of my skincare routine. And right now I'm incorporating a lip scrub into my routine too as we're getting into the colder months and my lips are already becoming a little drier. A scrub is such a simple thing to help them feel a little fresher especially when they're infused with oil. They're not something that you need to buy as they're super simple to DIY yourself and then you can choose your own blend of oils. I like to reach for a balm that's a little heavier and usually in tub form as my hands are clean so I'm not putting grubby fingers into a fresh product. 


During the summer I slipped out of the habit of wearing a watch every day but recently I've got back into the routine of wearing rings. I think the biggest thing when it comes to jewellery is simply getting into the habit of wearing it and making putting them on a part of your daily routine. I keep my rings on my bedside table so they're in my eye line and I'm instantly reminded to put them on in a morning. It's always the last I do as I don't want to get any product on my rings and damage them. 


What are your favourite AM beauty rituals?

R x

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