The Techy Bits That I Use Everyday

Considering how much I use my tech pieces on a daily basis I very rarely write about them. And I really love to read about the things that other people use on a daily basis so from a fitness tracker to headphones here are all the techy bits that I use on a daily basis.


Possibly the thing that I use the most each day is without a doubt my laptop. I've been a faithful Apple customer for 10 or so years now and I can't see me switching anytime soon and I currently use the MacBook Air. I've had it for around 3 or so years, it's done me well and shows no signs of giving up anytime soon and considering how much use it gets that's pretty remarkable. If you're not doing anything too intensive like editing hundreds of pictures a day or large video files then I think an Air is a great option because they are so light and when you need to take your laptop out and about they're a great option as if you've ever owned a Pro then you will know how heavy and difficult they are to travel with. The only downside with the Air is that you don't have that dreamy retina screen obviously but the storage isn't huge so you do need an external hard drive. Which is much cheaper than bumping up the storage internally when purchasing a laptop.


I recently upgraded my phone rather begrudgingly after two blissful years with my 6 it suddenly died. Like I said, I'm a very loyal Apple user because I love the operating system and know it inside out and can generally fix any problems that I might run into which is unlikely as they're pretty sturdy. The 7 doesn't have a headphone jack which infuriates me and it's still something I'm not thrilled about but other than that I can't deny it's a great phone. I went for the + because I mostly use my phone for photography and editing as well as other work bits so having a bigger screen just made sense. The camera is incredible, personally, I'm not a massive convert to portrait mode as for 90% of the time it can make the subject look very fake and mess with the details. It's also possibly because I'm an SLR user for the most part so it's difficult not to compare it. I always laughed at the size of the iPhone + as it is pretty massive, it doesn't fit in my hand that comfortably and I can't text with one hand but for editing, other work and watching offline Netflix it's worth the size and I'm not on the go that much so it doesn't matter and you do get used to the size. 


I love my little SLR more than most things in life because it not only helps me capture dreamy images but it's just the right size for me. I pine constantly for a 5d MK 3 but the size and weight puts me off and for the most part, I don't need something that is that high quality as most screens aren't built for it. So for right now, I'm really happy with the 700d and the flip out touch screen is a really great feature, a lot of people would deem this for beginners but I'm not so sure myself. I've always been a Canon user as I find their menus much easier to work with over anything else. But I can't deny that I'm interested in looking into a Sony or maybe a Fujifilm in the future to work alongside my Canon.

50MM & 40MM LENS

A frequent question that I get is what lenses I use and without fail, for 99% of my photographs, it's a Canon 50mm or a 40mm. The 50mm was my go to for 7 years and it's a beautiful lens and it's what I would suggest to anyone who is just getting into photography as using it teaches you a great discipline when it comes to focal length and aperture. The 40mm is a little wider than the 50 obviously and as of right now that's what I'm preferring for my own photography as I like having the ability to capture things a little easier and it also has a macro feature too which is perfect for up close and personal beauty shots. Personally, I will always invest more in a lens that I'm using than the camera as out of the two the lens is what makes the real difference.


I always thought that activity trackers were a little silly and mostly really ugly in terms of design until I discovered the Jawbone Up. Which at £100 when I bought it was quite the investment but tracking my fitness and how active I am is something I find really interesting. I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate when it comes to how many calories I've burned or not but the sleep and step tracker are awesome and something I look into on a daily basis. Knowing how much sleep I'm getting and the quality of my night has been really helpful in allowing me to get a better sleep pattern.


I use headphones every day without fail, whether it's for the gym or I tend to use them when I work so I can block out any outside noise so I'm never without a pair. The brand Sustudio* recently upgraded my from Apple headphones to a fancy pair of wireless over the ear headphones that drown out noise perfectly and they're so comfortable to wear. As like I said the 7 doesn't come with a proper headphone port so anything that's wireless is perfect as you don't have to worry about faffing around with the adapter. The brand have provided me with the code 'fromrosesxo15' if you're interested in the world of wireless headphones. 

What tech do you use everyday?

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