The Timeless Gift Guide For Any Occassion

I was adamant that I wasn't doing a gift guide this year as I don't think the blogging world really needs another one. However, I can't deny that some of them are incredibly useful and I wanted to put a little twist on mine and suggest gifts that are perfect for any occasion not just Christmas. So from more luxe gifts to things that are suitable for those on a serious budget; here is the timeless gift guide for any occasion. 


It only seemed right to start with the most expensive option first. I'm someone who adores wearing a watch and I think they're one of most timeless gifts you can receive or give. Whenever I've hit a big milestone agewise or done something like graduate my Dad has gifted me a watch. And they're something that can last you forever and they're something you'll probably use every day. 4 years ago I received a Daniel Wellington watch and personally I think they're one the most lovely brands to shop from as they're still an investment piece but they're too expensive. The guys over at DW have given me a 15% off code so if you pop in FROMROSES15 at the checkout you'll receive some money off your order to make it even more affordable. 


If you know a loved one is a serious book worm then maybe think about picking up a few new reads for them? Personally, I'm a big lover of proper books over using something like a kindle as there is nothing better to me than being able to feel the pages and see your progress. So either picking up a stack of books that you know they'll love, a new type of book that they want to get into or a voucher if they do have a kindle is something that can make such an awesome gift. 


I mean, if you know me or this blog at all you will know just how much I adore stationery. And I know that I'm not alone with my paper obsession. It's a timeless gift and because it's not something that has a sell by date it makes it just that little better in my opinion. I have no problem treating myself to a new journal but if you know someone adores pretty stationery but could never justify it to themselves then something from either Rifle Paper Co or Kikki.K would be beautiful. Or if you want to support some awesome small brands then Katie Housley and Katie Leamon have stunning products on offer. 


Probably the present that I like to receive the most is something homeware-related. Not only because it's incredibly practical but it's something that you can use for years and attach that part of your home to the person who gave it to you which is always special. One of my favourite things to give or receive is prints or photographs as they're probably not something you're going to prioritise if you've just moved and they always make somewhere feel like your own. Again, it's always amazing to shop small especially during the festive season and there are so many awesome ones on Etsy, Not On The High Street and Sonni & Blush. 


Of course, being the beauty lover I am I always love to unwrap something beauty related. Something like a lipstick or a perfume is the perfect thing to unwrap as it's not something you can go too wrong with. The newly launched beauty brand called Beauty Pie [read more here] would make the perfect gift for someone as it's a subscription service. You could pay for the subscription for a few months and pick up a few pieces from the brand to gift as well as giving the person the chance to shop high-end beauty at factory prices so they don't have to feel guilty about shopping for beauty products.


I think anything sweet is a totally underrated gift. I know it's a somewhat popular choice but it's such a good one, especially if you know someone loves a certain type of chocolate. For example, my best friend can't eat dairy and dairy free chocolates are either really expensive for the good stuff and the cheap stuff is pretty rotten. So treating someone you know loves a certain brand is such a lovely gift. It's also one that can be more suitable when on a budget and if you're going away from the obvious choices you the receiver will know how special it is. 



Giving gifts whether it's big or small is always an amazing thing to do but it's not something that's always possible. It's so easy to get swept up in the hype of Christmas and let the clever marketing pull us in so we believe that the only way to show someone you care is by showering them with gifts. We put so much pressure on people to spend a huge amount of money but it's not the only way to celebrate. Just being there with your loved ones is personally what I think ultimately matters at this time of year. Especially with what's flooding our newspapers and tv channels at the moment there has been no matter time to appreciate your loved ones. 


What do you think makes for a timeless gift?

R x

- thanks so much to Daniel Wellington for collaborating with me on this post, as always thoughts are my own -

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