The Wearable Bold Lip Library

Bold lips are something that I'm a big of. They can be a lot of maintenance though so I tend to go for something that can take care of itself whilst still making a statement. I've rounded up my favourite wearable bold lip options that are lazy girl approved to share with you today.

REVLON LIP BUTTER IN BERRY SMOOTHIE: This was one of the first deeper lipsticks that I ever purchased. When you're testing the water with bolder lip colours the lip butters are a great formula to go with as they can be worn in a more sheer fashion or built up to be opaque finish. The shade Berry Smoothie is beautiful, it's incredibly complimentary to those of us with fair skin and green eyes as the purple really enhances those tones. Formula wise they are buttery in consistency which you might expect but they don't just melt away from the lips and wear evenly throughout the day.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY K.I.S.S.I.N.G LIPSTICK IN COACHELLA CORAL*: Coral isn't a shade that I find easy to wear against my skin tone but this shade from Charlotte Tilbury gets it just right. It's a little pinker than it is orange which is the best kind of coral in my opinion. Although once applied onto the lips it looks like a completely different shade than it does in the bullet. The formula is absolutely lovely, it's glossy without being too sticky or slippy so it doesn't slide around and wears well throughout the day. It's made me want to look into more from CT so let me know your favourite lip options below. 

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN BERRY: As you can see from the photograph this is incredibly dark and almost scary in the bullet. But, because of the dreamy Fresh formula you can wear it as a stain or amp things up to a thick opaque finish. If you do build things up then it's important to be wary of it slipping because of the nourishing formula but if you don't then it's incredibly easy to wear throughout the day. It's a great lazy girl alternative to a dark berry lip which are so popular come A/W.  Of course, I don't need to declare my love for the Fresh lip balms again you guys already know that I'm their biggest fan and will probably continue to rave about them on a weekly basis. 

BOBBI BROWN LIP COLOUR IN ROSY: Bright pinks are not something that I usually go for as I find them to be difficult to wear but Rosy is such a wearable shade. The colour leans towards the more red side of the pink spectrum which I find makes it a lot easier to wear as anything that has strong yellow tones are incredibly unflattering on my skin. It's a sheer lipstick from Bobbi Brown line so is super nourishing on the lips but it still wears well and evenly. 

REVLON MATTE BALM IN SULTRY: This is one of my favourite lip product formulations, the shade is absolutely beautiful. It's also possibly my favourite way to make a statement with my lips without going for a berry or a red. There is something unique about the shade 'Sultry' as it seems to pull a different way on everybody that wears it, on me it's a deep pink with a hint of brown. The formulation of these matte balms is a complete dream as they are long lasting without being too drying, they are more of a satin finish than a matte like the name suggests. The twist packaging makes them a breeze to apply and you can get a precise finish without the need for a liner.

CLINIQUE POP LIP IN PLUM POP*: Another purple based lip option, can you tell that I find them complimentary on my skin? This is a great plum to wear every day as it's not super deep in tone, just a fresh pretty pop of colour. The Clinique Pop Lips are formulated with a built-in primer, it skims over dry patches perfectly and is hydrating to the lips but it doesn't slip and slide around so you don't have to worry about it ending up on your cheek half way through the day. Once it does start to wear it ends up as a more of a stain which is great if you don't have time for any touch ups. 

What is your favourite wearable bold lip option?

R x

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