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The phrase 'athleisure-wear' is a key word in my vocabulary at the moment. As much as I love loungewear I also love workout clothes. I find them incredibly comfortable and a little bit more appropriate to do my food shopping in than my sweat pants. Of course, the main point of workout wear is to work out in it. In all the time that I've been exercising, I've found that certain brands are far superior to others. I want something that will not only support me and be comfortable. But it needs to wash well and last. In general high-end, workout wear is incredibly expensive and I simply don't have the funds for that so sportswear outlets are my go to and you can often find beautiful pieces for a lot less. So here is workout wear edit that meets all those needs. 


Unless it's blistering heat I won't workout in shorts because I simply don't have the confidence for it. So I prefer running tights or yoga pants. When I first started working out I swore by Nike Dri-Fit but unless you're a tall girl the leg length is a little off. Adidas is a great brand for a leg length that is more flattering for us petite girls. However in terms of quality H&M win the contest for me, they're always high waisted which sucks you in and are incredibly flattering. Nor do they go see through or go baggy after one wear. Of course the most attractive thing about these leggings is the price point. Sitting at around £20 a pair it's much more cost friendly than Nike or Adidas that sit around £50 - £60 unless you can find them in an outlet. 



By far the area that I spend as little money on as possible. I don't need anything that is high compression, just breathable and light are my two main requirements. Is anything is too heavy or restrictive than I don't find it comfortable at all. I always shop in a few sizes that bigger than my actual size too for extra comfort. Cotton isn't a material that works all too well either as it soaks up all the sweat and then you're left feeling damp and soggy. TK Maxx always has a large range of vests and tanks that are sports materials that don't cost the earth. If you go in on a good day you can find brands like New Balance and Nike for a 1/3 of the price. 


Thanks to the Swedish fashion bloggers it's considered pretty cool to wear trainers now. The high street has clicked onto this and you don't have to go far to find a nice pair of athletic shoes. If you're just doing general weight work, cycling or using the elliptical I don't think you can go wrong with just general sports shoes. Running, however, is another story. Last year I invested in a pair of Nike Flyknit 4.0's and they were not cheap. But they're the best trainers that I've ever run in or worn day to day. I find that they give me all the support that I need, even around my ankles. They're so lightweight that I somehow feel less tired when running too. They're designed to mimic barefoot running and they do that incredibly well. 



This is something that very much depends on what activity you're doing. If you're a runner you need more support than if you're doing yoga or weight lifting. This tale might be a little too personal but we're mostly ladies over here. My chest recently went through a sporadic growth spurt so none of my previous sports bras could support me enough. So when I ran it felt like I had rocks in socks attached to my chest. Which of course after a while can become incredibly painful. Lingerie brand sports bras are very expensive so after a hunt round my local Sports Direct. I discovered they'd started stocking Under Armour which is a great brand. Their medium impact bra is the best that I've ever found. It offers some serious support without being ugly in terms of design. 

Here are a few of my favourite workout ensembles; 

What is your favourite piece of workout wear?

R x

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