15 Awesome Beauty Tips

Whether they've been passed down from family, read in books or blogs I love a good beauty tip. I've rounded up 15 of my favourite to share with you today and I hope you find them as useful as I do. 

  1. Dehydrated is a skin condition, not a skin type. 
  2. Blusher shouldn't be applied to far down on the cheek. 
  3. Spraying perfume in your hair and clothes, makes it last longer. Be careful with your hair though as it can dry it out. 
  4. Pores are not doors, they don't open and close. 
  5. Changing your pillowcases regularly is important when you have blemish prone skin.
  6. Use an SPF on your hair and lips. 
  7. Don't rub your wrists together when applying perfume, it breaks down the molecules so it won't last as long.
  8. Apply moisturiser in an upward motion so you don't drag your face down.
  9. It's important to remember SPF even in the colder months.
  10. Brushing your hair too much leads to un necessary breakage.
  11. Use an old mascara wand as an eyebrow spoolie. 
  12. Applying translucent powder over lipstick through a tissue helps it last a lot longer.
  13. Using thin layers of foundation works a lot better than one thick one.
  14. Apply under eye concealer in a triangle. 
  15. Slide your bobby pins in with the wavy side to your scalp for a better grip. 

What are your favourite beauty tips?

R x

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