Things To-Do To Feel Fresh For 2018


The strange in-between run-up to the new year is always one of my most loved times. Granted, I never know what day it is and getting back into work always feels particularly difficult but one thing I always make sure I've got time for is completing a few set tasks that help me go into the new year feeling fresh and ready. I'm not a believer or a subscriber to the whole 'new year, new me' kind of thing but something I really do believe in is making sure you're feeling as ready as you can and here a few of my favourite things to do...



Typically after Christmas is a really good time to clear out your wardrobe as it allows you to see what you've been reaching for and what you haven't. And as people may have some Christmas money to spend they might be searching the likes of eBay or Depop giving you the chance to sell on something you don't need. As well as the sales being on so you might be able to snag a bargain on that thing you've been lusting after for months. On top of being able to see what you've wearing and what you've been pushing further and further to the back, you can give your wardrobe a bit of a clean too. It always amazes me just how much dirt and dust can build up in there. 


Probably every beauty lovers most hated task is washing their makeup brushes even though we all know the importance of it. I always like to go into the new year with clean brushes to reach for as well as my makeup being rotated so I can give an item some love that might have been left behind to make way for my favourite festive picks. This year I discovered a brush washing board and the difference it's made to the cleanliness of my brushes is incredible. I would highly recommend it not only for your brushes but it makes the tedious task way more enjoyable.

TIDY UP YOUR WORK SPACE & organise your computer

It doesn't matter what type of job you have in the manic run up to the festive season there is always absolute chaos that ensues in your workspace. Giving it a good tidy up, going through your draws and pulling new diaries and notepads to the front is always one of my favourite rituals. And it seems so easy for your workspace to become a mess with papers and empty mugs and even though I like to have a little tidy at the end of each day nothing is better than a good deep clean. Of course, as well as our physical workspace something else that always needs a good clean is our tech, I always try and back everything up and go into the new year with an empty hard drive. As well as tidying up our workspace, if you're self-employed then it's tax return season so making sure you're well prepped for that is key as nobody enjoys the panic of needing to find a particular receipt a few days before the deadline.



If there is one thing that 2017 has taught me it's that having a digital cleanse every so often is key to staying happy in the online world. Whether it's muting or unfollowing people going through your social media feeds and recognising somebody or something that isn't making you happy to see on your social feeds and getting rid of them in any way so you feel comfortable to do is so important. It can feel so uncomfortable to do a digital cleanse as we always seem to feel guilty for doing it but if something is making you unhappy or damaging your mental health and we can get rid of it or stop seeing it then it should go without any questions asked.


Alongside giving my desk a good clean and starting a new diary without a doubt one of my favourite tasks to complete before the new year arrives is to clean out my handbag and purse. Granted, things are never in that much disarray because I change my bags quite a lot but my purse, on the other hand, is always a mess. I received a new purse and cardholder for Christmas so I had way too much fun to transfer things over and getting rid of things like out of date vouchers and old loyalty cards that I never use anymore.


What are the things that you love to do before the new year rolls around?

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