14 Things To Remember When You're Feeling Stressed

Stress is part of everyday life whether we want it to be or not and once you've worked yourself up into a tizzy it can be difficult to see sense. So here is a little reminder of a few important things to remember if you're feeling the pressures of life, work and everything else. 

  1. Nothing lasts forever, situations come and go. 
  2. The person who is probably putting the most pressure on you is yourself. 
  3. No-one is ever doing as badly as they think they are in life.
  4. Don't let social media and the internet get in your head too much, it's a world full of filters. 
  5. The people who matter in life are the ones who never judge you. 
  6. Never let too much of last week take up this week. 
  7. Everybody freaks out, people just don't like to share it. 
  8. We all do things at our own pace, it's not a race. 
  9. Your goals and ideals are yours for a reason because they work for you. 
  10. A hot drink or bath can work wonders. 
  11. So can exercise for that matter. 
  12. As well as a good cry. 
  13. Try to enjoy where you are right now, you'll never be in that same place again. 
  14. Remember not to take everything so seriously in life, it's meant to be fun afterall. 

What do you like to tell yourself when you're feeling super stressed?

R x

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