Tis The Season...The Season For Stationery


If you're a new reader of my blog then you might not know the deep love that I harbour for paper products. Because that love affair goes way farther than my love for beauty products that's for sure and if there is ever a time of year for stationery it's now. From Christmas cards to wrapping paper to new diaries it really is the most wonderful time of year [if you're as stationery obsessed as I am].



To be honest, wrapping presents isn't my fortay. Whenever I see people with beautifully presented presents on Instagram I feel a twinge of jealousy. Cards, however, cards I am good with and always spend hours painstakingly searching to find the perfect one. A few brands that I've discovered over the years are Katie Housley*, Sonni & Blush* and Evermade*. Shopping from smaller brands for paper products is something that I always try to do if I can as it's always so amazing to support a smaller company. And as I'm somebody who has always kept the cards that I've been given I like to make sure I'm giving somebody else something they might like to keep. And if it's something with a beautiful cover then you can get a little crafty and turn them into prints for around your home or showcase them in other ways.

From Roses --4.png


This is where my true love lies...planners and journals. I use one every day without fail which I feel makes the obsession a little more tolerable. As of right now, I've got a couple that I'm rotating, a daily journal and a general notepad. The daily journal is that beautiful celestial number, it's very simple inside with the date and day at the top [which you fill in] and then lines to write your daily plans in. It's a soft cover which I've only just come around to but it's not super flimsy so it will tear with ease.  Then the general notepad I've been using is a leather-bound journal with my initials embossed. This is so lovely to use and would make a beautiful gift for somebody who you know has a love for paper too. As it's typically the time of year where people love to get a little more organised it's a no-brainer present to either yourself or somebody else. I've said it time and time again but having stationery around that I love makes me way more productive and on track with my day. It's such a simple thing but it makes a world of difference. 

Planner - Central23* 

Leather Notepad - Central Crafts*



As well as a daily notepad something else I rely on is a diary. Last year I discovered a brand called The Dear Diary* and they create the most beautiful planners. They launched a new one this year that is 16 weeks and has no pre-written dates in it so you can use it daily or every few days if that works for your life better. So often I find myself skipping days in traditional diaries which then leaves blank pages which irrationally annoys me but that doesn't happen when you have free reign with dates. And then, of course, I couldn't not mention my beloved Rifle Paper Co calendar which I've been buying for the past 3 years. I love that you can write in appointments as well as it being aesthetically pleasing to look at. They're pricey but I really find that I get my money's worth from them. If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you will know how much of a lover I am of the brand and whilst I like to shop for small for stationery this is one brand I make an exception for. 


What are your favourite stationery brands?

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