Transitional Weather Skincare

The weather [much to my dismay] is definitely shifting into Autumn and as usual my skin has completely freaked out. This happens every single season without fail but this year I've gone for a different approach and switched up my skincare accordingly. I usually stick to what I know and love when my skin has a tantrum but seeing as a lot of my products were coming to an end I felt like being brave and taking a chance on some new additions.  

The Cleanser

If you read my debut 'Beauty On Trial' post you will already know that I've been giving this very popular cleanser a try. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* comes very highly praised from the beauty community and I don't know many people who don't absolutely adore this so naturally, my hopes were high. The name is misleading, it's not your typical gel formulation at all it's more of a balm that melts into an oil once massaged into the skin and once you add water it emulsifies into a milk. There is no denying that it is a beautiful skincare item and it's been the perfect candidate for hydrating my skin without being quite as heavy as your typical cleansing balm. It claims to be an illuminating cleanser and at first I was a little sceptical that it could be both an awesome cleanser and something that could brighten the skin, but it does. With pumpkin enzymes on the ingredients list [a known brightening ingredient] it's worked magic on my very dull, drab and blemished complexion. 

The Toner

The Liz Earle Skin Tonic* is an old skincare favourite of mine and I added it back into rotation a few weeks ago and have been quickly reminded of just how beautiful this product is. As I'm such a big lover of the double toning method, I take my hydrating step choice quite seriously as I don't want to just be spraying a scented water onto my skin, I need something to do actually do something. It's incredibly kind to the skin but not so gentle that it doesn't do anything, it refreshes, soothes and hydrates your complexion with ease which makes it perfect for stressed, sore blemished skin. It's part of my routine AM & PM but if I'm not wearing makeup I will keep it by my desk and spritz it on throughout the day. Skincare benefits aside I find the scent of this product incredibly calming and it's a complete joy to use. 

The Mask

Like I've mentioned my skin has been particularly problematic but it's also been quenched of thirst since going completely haywire. Masks are a big staple in my routine and the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is a beautiful multitasker that can help a multitude of skin complaints. It's a deep cleansing mask but with a twist as with the addition of manuka honey it draws moisture to the skin and gives you a boost of hydration so your complexion is left plump and free from any impurities. Typically, deep cleansing masks set down and crack on the skin which makes them a nightmare to remove but this has a creamy formula which makes it easy to wipe away so you're not left with a lobster-like complexion after scrubbing away with a flannel. 

The Serum

Whenever I'm using a product that promises a glow I'm always wary of it turning me into an oil slick, which yes some would say does glow but it's not quite the look I'm after. The Oskia Get Up & Glow Serum* is a product that is enticing enough just on looks alone, I mean look at that iridescence. I'm convinced that this skincare product is pure magic because it makes my complexion look unbelievably radiant without making me look greasy or like a glitter ball, I mean how does this do it? The formulation is also pretty spectacular, it's incredibly lightweight and sinks into the skin within seconds and you're left with skin that glows like nothing else. The price tag is steep there is absolutely no denying that but if you're wanting to really treat yourself to a skincare product that will revive lacklustre skin like nothing else this is really worth considering. 

What skincare items are you loving at the moment?

R x

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