Being Your Own Blogging Niche

Within the blogging world, there is a lot of talk about your blogging niche and finding it. For as long as I've been blogging I've really struggled to just put myself into a niche and not really wanted to pigeon-hole myself into one either but it seems to be something that happens without us even realising. So today I wanted to talk about making your own blogging niche and not trying to mould yourself into someone else's. 

Most would say that From Roses is a beauty blog and whilst of course, for the most part, I do write about beauty I wouldn't consider myself just a beauty blog. For months and months, I felt like I was doing the whole beauty blogging thing wrong because I wasn't writing like everybody else and it took me a long time to realise that was perfectly normal. The whole reason that I started to read beauty blogs is because they were honest about products and not just a glorified press release and when I write about beauty I want to be honest. I don't have the skill or urge to write 5 paragraphs on a single product with a load of statistics and claims because I have absolutely no desire to write like that. When I write about beauty I like to put my personality into it, I'm not trying to sell the latest beauty launches but to talk about products from a personal perspective. So for that reason I've never felt like I've really fitted into the typical beauty blogging niche. 

I think many see the blogging community and just presume that we want to become like the bloggers that have come before us but why would we ever want to follow in the shadow of somebody else and slot perfectly into a niche that has already been created? A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to incorporate a lot more lifestyle posts into my blog and at the time I was predominately writing about beauty so I was really scared to do something different. I was worried about how my readers would react and whether they would be interested or not but I think it's the best decision I ever made not only for myself but for you guys too. I felt like I was boxed into the beauty blogger niche and that isn't the only thing that I wanted to do. There is a lot of fear when a content creator wants to try out something new but it's something that is only natural as we grow and evolve as people. 

So this is when I think the whole pressure on finding your niche can become incredibly problematic and counter productive because it makes people feel like that they only just create one type of post when a lot of people just want to write about what makes them happy. I truly believe that we can create our own niche instead of just changing our values to suit something that already exists and by doing that we will only create bigger and better content by breaking free out the stereotypical niche constraints. 

What are your thoughts on finding your niche?

R x

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