What Cleared My Skin Up For Good


It's ironic that I've decided to finally sit down and write this post and for the first time in months a pesky white head has popped up. But other than that my complexion has been the best it's been in years and for a long time, it was my biggest struggle. Having bad skin really knocked me, it was something that I thought about constantly and I never, ever thought I'd get to the point where I felt comfortable enough to go foundation free but 6 years later here we are. And these are all the things that helped to clear my skin up for good, obviously, this is my personal skin journey and not a step by step guide to getting rid of spots as we're all so different.



Although I know this definitely sounds bizarre getting to know my skin has been one of the most important things for helping it not only get but stay clear. When I was a teenager I had very little knowledge about beauty and skin types which meant that I was treating my skin all wrong. Although my mum always taught me this importance of removing my make-up she was never that into beauty. So it wasn't ever something that I learned from her and it took until my twenties for me to really take an interest. Which was also at the same time that I started this blog and reading blogs, which was a blessing and a curse. Although I learned what skin type I have [combination that leans towards the more oily side of proceedings] I also got in a bad habit of taking everyone's word as gospel. What works for one will never work the same way for somebody else but when you're desperate to find something that works for a face full of spots that's very easy to forget. So for me now I know my skin so well and I know what type of products to avoid and what will more than likely work for me. I tend to avoid anything super drying and abrasive as well as anything that is really heavy in shea butter. Whilst I know it can handle mineral oil and isn't all that fussy in general so I don't tend to have many allergic reactions.


Like anything when it comes to beauty something I've learned is so, so important especially when it comes to skincare is trial and error. And maybe for me, it's more enjoyable because it's become part of my blog but the biggest downside to products that don't work for you is the waste element as well as the financial factor. Beauty reviews not only on blogs but on the product's website are so useful for the trial and error part of anyone's skincare journey as you can see who might have a similar skin type to you and then take note of what works for them. However, no-one will ever have the same results with any product which is always so important to bear in mind when purchasing anything. And unlike the US in the UK we don't have any type of returns policy on beauty products so once you buy something then you end up having to keep it even when it doesn't work for you.


changing contraception

For so long, whenever I would see my favourite bloggers write about their skin and what worked for them they would never ever talk about what contraception they used. Of course, it would have to be something that might interfere with your hormones in order to mention it but still, it was never, ever spoken about it. But for me, and I know so many others things like the pill or the implant really had a knock on effect with our skin. The implant especially completely ravaged my skin and I really struggled with painful cystic acne for a good couple of years even after having it removed. But once I was back on a pill then my skin was so much more settled and now I only get one hormonal spot pop up. Although your choice of contraception might not affect your skin at all sometimes it does and it's so important that it's taken into account.

keep things simple

Being a lover of beauty it's all too easy to want to shove everything on my face at once and it's even more tempting when your skin is acting up. Keeping my skincare routine not only simple but stable has been one of the biggest factors to it staying blemish free. A few years ago I was using far too many products, multiple serums, and oils and that is not something a twenty-something skin needs. And this is why it's so important to listen to your own skin rather than someone else and their skincare journey as what works for one never works in the same way for someone else. As well as keeping my day to day routine simple something else I make sure I do is not to go overboard with treatments and masks. Right now I only have a 5 step routine and that is what suits me incredibly well, not only are the products I use more effective but my skin is stable and happy. Doing this makes it way easier to notice when an item isn't quite agreeing with you either.


  • Keeping fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate to a minimum.
  • Changing my pillowcases and flannels regularly. 
  • Wiping my phone screen at the end of the day. 
  • Regularly washing my base make-up brushes. 
  • Drinking water, so obvious but it works. 
  • Removing make-up thoroughly. 

what has your skincare journey been like? have you ever struggled?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty