So, We've All Felt Crappy This Week Huh?


I've never had so many conversations as I have this week about how crappy we all seem to feel. I started to feel this way a few weeks ago and I couldn't put my finger on it, mentally I felt generally pretty good but there was something clouding up my brain and it wasn't having a positive effect on me at all I felt tired, run down and BLURGH. At first, I blamed my period, if in doubt that always gets the blame but even when that ended my mood still wasn't amazing. I'd seen a few others mention it online and after asking my own lovely Instagram following how they felt, every single person replied saying they also felt really low too. So I thought I'd have a conversation about it today and how I'm trying to pick myself up. 



When I first read about Mercury being in retrograde I laughed and scoffed. It sounds like complete nonsense and I'm not all that into astrology in general so when I saw the term floating around online I was very skeptical. Fast forward a few years, I'm a big believer in it because why else would we all feel crappy at the same time? There aren't many explanations to that so even if you are a skeptic at least it makes you feel better knowing that it's not just you. Apparently, there are other unusual things going on in the atmosphere too so your mind might feel a little off for a while yet. If I sound like I'm talking absolute gibberish then I highly recommend reading this post on Bustle, it articulates what I'm trying to say much better.


Whether you believe in new moons and Mercury being in retrograde or not and you feel super off, there is no point in making yourself feel bad for it. Everybody has bad days and weeks and sometimes there might not be a huge monumental reason behind it. Feeling happy is what we've come to expect everyone to feel and we believe that everybody should feel that way all of the time but it's not physically possible. Of course, very serious low moods are something that do need to be recognised and talked about. But just feeling a little blurgh is completely normal but it's not a feeling that we love to have to we tend to try and pick ourselves up as soon as a slightly negative feeling even starts brewing. Nobody wants to feel rubbish for weeks on end but a bad day here and there is ok and sometimes we need those bad days to keep us balanced. Although I don't feel my best right now at all I know that once all these feelings clear then I'll be so grateful for my lifted mood and if we were beaming from ear to ear all the time then we would never be grateful for those good days. And something that I have learned is pretty important is that when you're on the end of someones bad mood whether that be your partner or best friends, then let them have it. It sucks to be around negativity of course but sometimes people need to vent and being there on the other side is often just what the other person might need at that moment. 


why sometimes it's ok to bare minimum 

Something that I came to learn a few years ago is that we all have a bare minimum of tasks that we absolutely have to do. I call them my non-negotiables and they vary for everybody and more often than not we have those tasks that we need to do and then we have tasks that aren't quite so necessary. So for me right now, I'm just doing what I need to and that's ok and that looks like;

  • Walking Josie and Edie. 
  • Writing and keeping up to date with my inbox.
  • Working to deadlines and briefs.
  • Admin.
  • Keeping on top of housework.

Even exercise and fitness isn't on my non-negotiable list right now because I simply do not have the energy for it. I've always been a big champion of only exercising when you really want to and not putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself to when you don't have the energy for it. There is so much pressure on people to always be doing what needs to be done and then some when sometimes it's just not possible to do a million and one things in twenty four hours. 


There have been a few things that I've doing to lift my mood and that is;

  • Being more sociable on Instagram, I'm someone who has a huge fear of being really social online which I realise sounds ridiculous but it's something that has always made me a little panicky. But I'm getting outside my comfort zone and it feels SO good and I know how good it feels when someone takes the time to comment. 
  • Getting back into Pinterest. When I don't feel too hot mentally there is something so soothing about having a scroll through Pinterest and building my boards. Mostly I just love looking at beautifully shot images of cake and lovely workspaces. 
  • Following Brother Nature on Twitter, you will more have more than likely seen this guys videos floating around but they're brilliant. 
  • Getting outside more, usually I'm in a rush on my dog walks to get back to my desk but I've took my time and it's felt brilliant.
  • Put my phone upstairs more and spent more time offline. 

How have you been feeling lately?

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