What My Workday Looks Like Right Now


I’m in a good rhythm with work at the moment, my day to day tasks change obviously but the general routine I’m in is the same which I love because I thrive when I’m in a good routine that allows a little bit of time for everything. Whenever I see posts like from fellow freelancers I’m always interested to see what their workday looks like as we all work to a different rhythm which is awesome. One of the best things about working for yourself is finding what quite literally works for you and this is what I’ve found is the best for me when it comes to how I work.



My body tends to wake up naturally at around 6ish which I like as I’ve got such a love for the mornings. Waking up in the summer is way easier and way nicer than waking up in winter when it’s cold and raining so I’m pretty peppy at the moment when I wake up and see a blue sky instead of a grey one. The first thing that I do is let Josie and Edie out to go to the toilet and then feed them before they go running back to bed for a few hours. I then have my breakfast and a big glass of water. At the beginning of the year I gave up my morning coffee and it’s been a great change for me as I save my caffeine boost until later on in the day where I feel like I need it the most. Depending on what day it is then I’ll either head to the gym after breakfast or I’ll sit at my desk for a little while doing things as replying to comments and e-mails. I used to write a lot in the morning which I will still do if I’m not going to the gym and it’s pouring with rain as there is no way Josie and Edie will venture out in that but typically the main bulk of my work is now saved until the afternoon.


As long as it isn't raining then this is when my boyfriend (if he’s not got back late from work) and I will walk Josie and Edie. Due to my boyfriend's work schedule, we have our free time in the AM instead of the PM and that works well for us both. Typically we go on a ninety-minute to two-hour dog walk as that’s what keeps Josie and Edie happiest as they need a good run around and to stretch their legs. Getting outside every day is something that I feel so lucky to do as it sets me up well for my workday. Some of our favourite walks in our local area are:

  • Sherwood Forest

  • Blidworth Woods

  • Rowthorne Trail

  • Silverhill Woods

  • Vicar Water



Typically after we’ve walked the dogs we’ll have to go to Tesco at some point to pick up any food bits we need but we’re trying to get more organised and do bigger shops so we don’t have to make such frequent trips. Depending on what time we get back I typically like to get my pictures taken for any blog posts I’m working on if possible before we eat our dinner before my boyfriend goes to work. I much prefer to have my bigger meal earlier in the day as it works way better for not only our schedules but also my body too.


My boyfriend usually goes to work at this time and this is when I properly get into work. Typically I take photographs, edit any images that need uploading and then write any blog posts that are scheduled to go live that week. I'm currently ahead of myself with work which is such a wonderful feeling as it allows me to properly take time off without worrying what needs doing. If I have any brand work or any photography clients they are my top priority and how I tackle that work very much depends on the brief as they can vary so much. A sponsored project could just be a photograph for Instagram or it could be a blog post which generally takes a few hours to draft depending on the subject matter. If all photographs are edited and blog posts are written then typically around 4.30pm then I’ll dip back into my e-mails and see what if anything needs answering urgently before stopping for around an hour to eat.


After I’ve eaten then I tend to do put the finishing touches on any scheduled posts as well as any planning any other work that needs doing. I always try and cut off my workday for eight if I can, sometimes I work later than that if I need to but I generally work till 8ish and that’s when I wind down my day. As I have my ‘evening’ in the morning I don't do too much at this time as I prefer to get in bed early so I can get a good nights sleep as I'm an early rise. Evening activities tend to be either a bath, reading my book or watching a few episodes of whatever show I'm binge-watching at the time.


what does your workday look like?