When You've Hit A Wall With Your Idea's

All bloggers will encounter this feeling at some point. Recently I felt like I had a hit a wall with the idea's and content that I was producing. It's all too easy to get stuck into a routine with your posts and stick to what feels comfortable. Today I wanted to share a few ways to shake up your process so that you never have to feel like you've run out of ideas again. 


There are a lot of posts that I want to write, but I'm too scared to. Sometimes they are more personal topics or are a more sensitive subject and I never want to offend anybody. The content I put out is completely in my comfort zone and I think it's about time I stepped out of it. It's scary but sometimes it's good to feel a little bit of fear. 


I never thought the design of your blog and your ideas would ever collerate, but they do. Ever since I made the move over to SquareSpace I feel like I've noticed a huge difference in my blog. As SS gives you the ability to be a lot more visual it's pushed me to make sure I'm making my posts 10 x better. By having that little push, I've worked so much harder on my content which has improved my ideas ten fold. 


For a while, I felt trapped in the beauty bubble. I was scared to step outside of it and think bigger with my content. I felt defined by the style of posts that I'd already written. It took me a long time to learn that I can't let what I've done before define where I'm going with my blog. Of course, it's scary to step out and do something that you've not tried before but it's so rewarding. 


The internet goes through trends of what content is popular at the moment. Sometimes I can't help myself and fall into the trend pit. Seasonal content is always popular in the blogging world, like summer lipsticks etc. I'm not saying this is bad or it's wrong to write this content. Personally, I want to try and stop writing posts like this because it's not relevant for everybody. One of my biggest aims with the content I'm writing right now is to try and make it timeless which is difficult but an exciting challenge. 

What do you when you've hit a wall with your idea's?

R x

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