Why I'm Obsessed With The Anti-Haul & My Own

As well as the whole decluttering trend that's sweeping the web right now there has been something else that's been catching my attention and I'm all sorts of obsessed with it. The Anti Haul is the complete opposite of what we're used to seeing on the likes of blogs and YouTube channels and it's incredibly refreshing. It all began with Kimberly Clarke I believe? Not a content creator that I'm familiar with but when The Anna Edit put her own spin on the whole thing I was hooked. Hearing the things that people won't buy is so fascinating and something I've been enjoying more than regular hauls so of course, I had to put my own together. 



This one was brought to my attention when I logged onto my Timehop account and I saw that around a year ago I tweeted that I never wanted to hear or see the words 'Kylie Jenner Lip' again. And even though the hype has died down dramatically it's still something that the internet loses their mind over. Maybe it's because a matte lip has never been quite for me but in general, there is just nothing that draws me to those products. I love a dusky dirty mauve based pink as much as the next person but to stay up late at night, wait in a queue and then pay an extortionate amount in postage fees just doesn't seem appealing in the slightest.


This is a slightly hypocritical one I'll admit it because there are palettes out there that I love and reach for on a weekly basis. But in general, when there is a new eyeshadow palette release from a brand like Anatasia, Lorac or Nars they are ridiculously hyped up. And whilst there are so many appealing things about an eyeshadow palette there are so many downsides to them too. Mostly they're very expensive and when you're probably not going to be using every single shadow then what's the point? Like I said there are palettes I love and I've created my own MAC one but I'm never going to be someone who goes out of their way or join a waiting list for a palette that I'm more than likely not going to use that often.


It was either last year or the year before that the brand Becca had a huge wave of hype surrounding their products. In particular their highlighters, I'm sure that I don't need to even say the words as you more than likely already know what I'm talking about. Now I love a highlighter as much as the next girl but there was just something that really didn't interest me about the ridiculously shimmery cheek and the fact that people seemed to keep on showing them smashed into smithereens didn't exactly paint the product in the greatest light.



Whenever I see someone else in culottes I always admire them because they look awesome and super chic but on me and my figure I can't imagine anything worse than a pair of culottes. Part of me thinks that maybe I should just try it because I have to admit they do look seriously comfortable and they way they skim the legs looks so lovely but I think it's the crop that puts me off and maybe the fact if I'm going to wear something that can easily be confused for a skirt then I'll probably just wear one of those instead.


When I was 13 flared trousers were seriously popular and the bigger they were the better. I distinctly remember having flares so big that if you wore them in the rain then you would have damp jeans up to your knees. And flared jeans have made some of what of a return I've noticed which I can understand but there also seems to be a trend of huge flared sleeves. A little bit of a flute I understand but some of the flared sleeves seem to be absolutely huge and as a fashion statement I completely understand but for day to day, how practical are they? I can imagine dipping it in my food or getting it trapped somewhere.


Every time I seem to look for something particular online I come across some item of clothing that is see through. First, it was a pair of running shorts from Zara, then it was a dress from H&M and now the latest thing that is sweeping the web is the fact that Topshop has a pair of trousers that are completely see through. Now I'm aware that fashion is about experimenting and expressing yourself but surely it has to be somewhat practical? I just don't understand what the point of these transparent pieces is. 



What are you the things that you'll never buy?

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