10 Great Things Online To Catch Up With This Weekend

This week hasn't quite what I imagined it was going to be if I'm honest. I really wanted a week where I felt completely on top of my workload and that most definitely didn't happen when I got struck down with my yearly April cold/flu type thing that knocks me off my feet. So as my 'weekend' was stuck in bed with a ridiculous amount of blankets and the internet to keep me entertained I've been able to catch up with some really awesome stuff. Posts like this from other people are always my all time favourite to read and I'll leave some of my favourite posts to catch up with from other people who love to share their awesome findings from around the web as well as share something that I've been thoroughly enjoying this week;


1. INSTA-SHAMING - SUPERLAVTIVELY RUDE: It's very rare that I read a blog post that makes me want to recreate the raised hands emoji but this one from Laura Jane Williams did. The way that we police how other people live their lives online is absolutely vile and I hold my hands up and admit that I've done it myself, I've judged people just from what they post and it's not ok. I perfectly curate my own Instagram feed because that's what I enjoy and I see it as my own personal portfolio And I think it's so easy to forget that if we don't like something that we can unfollow and if someone else's feed isn't bringing anything positive to our lives then why put ourselves through it? And it doesn't have to be for a bad reason, I very rarely unfollow someone because I don't like them. There is nothing wrong with pressing that unfollow button nor should it made out to be a malicious act. 

2. LITTLE LIFE LESSONS TO TAKE INTO THIS WEEK - DAISYBUTTER: In general, Michelle always has beautiful content that is such a joy to read and she's very much the epitome to me of what blogging is about. She creates aesthetically pleasing well-constructed content that's well thought out but she's not a robot or there to please brands and you can really get a sense of her through her writing. What I loved the most about this post was that happiness comes in ebbs and flows and I know that I'm so guilty of expecting too much from my emotions. You cannot possibly be happy all the time, it's just not feasible and with all the pressure that we put on ourselves already to expect ourselves to feel amazing all the time just isn't normal.

3. MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - MY NAME IS YEH: I'm not much of a baker or a cook and as little time I can spend in the kitchen the better because I'm pretty useless. But a blog that I do always love to catch up with, not just for the dreamy photography but for the innovative recipes is My Name Is Yeh. Cookies are always a great fail-safe and probably one of the only things that I can bake remotely well but the addition of mint is something that I've never thought about doing which seems silly considering how much I love the ice cream flavour.


1. SALI HUGHES - APRIL UPDATE: We all know that I really adore Sali Hughes, she's my biggest inspiration when it comes to beauty and her YouTube channel isn't something that gets updated often but when it does I always tune straight in. She recently uploaded a simple April update and shared all the products that she's been loving but doesn't typically get the chance to talk about in her column. Nothing fancy, just a straight up chat about beauty but it's the way that Sali talks about products that is so wonderful.

2. THE ANNA EDIT - THE NEW YORK VLOG: I've been a really loyal follower of Anna for years, I'm talking university bedroom loyal and ever since her rebrand I've just loved her content a little more. Her vlogs are always my favourites as they're so enjoyable and lighthearted to watch and her and her partner Mark are a wonderful duo on camera. They've recently had a trip to New York and this little vlog depicts their time beautifully and all the food scenes are quite frankly heavenly.



13 reasons why

When it comes to popular Netflix shows I'm usually so far behind it's kind of a joke. I've still not watched Stranger Things properly or even thought about Making A Murderer. But one I really did want to want to watch was 13 Reasons Why. I've heard so much about it online that it was hard to ignore and with such a sensitive subject matter I knew it probably wasn't going to be easy viewing. It follows the reasons why high school student Hannah Baker took her own life through a series of tapes. It flips between past and present which is something that I adore in any series and it keeps you hooked from the first episode and you become so desperate to know what happened to Hannah and if everyone as innocent as we think? If you've not caught up with the series yet then I won't spoil it for you but it's seriously worth the watch. Warning: you will binge it all and probably need some tissues.


Another Netflix original series I've watched recently is Girboss. Now, this is a little odd to include it in this post as it's more a warning of something not to watch if you were in need of something inspirational as this isn't the series for you. Whilst the #Girlboss book certainly has its issues there is no denying that you can't be blinded to the fact that Sophia seriously worked her arse off to raise Nasty Gal to the business that it was. But the show doesn't share that at all, infact it makes Sophia look like a completely self-absorbed brat who has help at her disposal but just won't take it which isn't the case in the book. I imagine if you like shows like the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt then you might like this but for me, this was a huge disappointment for what could have been an awesome show.

What have you enjoyed from the web this week?