Wonderful Things From This Week & 4 Awesome Sunday Activities

Today I want to try something new on the blog. I'll always love carefully curated beauty content but as I also share a large part of lifestyle posts too and that's where my own life comes into this blog a little more. Something I always enjoy to watch is vlogs but as I'll never be comfortable enough to pick up a camera and do that myself it's something I've always wondered could be brought across into blog post format. So here is an attempt at that as well as a few awesome things to do this Sunday;


This week was a big week for Josie as we could finally start taking her out on walks which my boyfriend and I couldn't wait for as not being able to leave the house or give her the freedom she desperately wanted was tough on all of us. Seeing how absolutely thrilled she has been to be going and exploring the area we live in has brought so much happiness to our week. I've always written posts about how much I love dog walks and getting out with my family dog Bella has always been something that has been so special for me so getting to do that with Josie has been so lovely. She's also 95% fully housetrained which is awesome and something we're really proud of managing to do in such a short space of time. 


Talking about work isn't something I like to do all that much on the blog as even though my job is incredibly fun I feel like talking about what you do for a living constantly gets a little jarring. But lately, I've been working on some really fun things with brands that I truly believe in. I've never made a big fuss around sponsored content as it's an obvious thing that has to happen for a blogger to make money and it's not something I take lightly. Being able to work with brands that I admire is something that I've felt incredibly lucky to be able to do and I don't take it for granted at all because securing paid work as a blogger isn't easy. Obviously, people do discuss paid work as a blogger but for me, one of biggest reasons why I enjoy it so much is because I adore working to a brief. It's something I get so much joy from because I have so much freedom with my blog but having something to work towards is a real challenge and one I thrive from.


As I'm always trying to make an effort to share content that I love here are some things that I've loved from around the web this week; 


Something that I've not really mentioned all that much over the past year or so is my own body confidence. Granted, it's not all that lacking but my body has certainly changed. After spending a few months so unwell at the beginning of the year to lead to me losing some weight that I didn't really want to lose. I tried so hard to gain it back but to no avail and whilst I've always been a somewhat petite girl I felt uncomfortable with how I looked. And it made me really self-conscious in anything tight or really revealing but in the past month or so I've just thought 'screw it'. I shouldn't feel embarrassed about how I look and just embrace my body for what it is which is why on Wednesday I went for a little run around with Josie in a cropped sports bra. Granted I did know I would more than likely not see anyone else which made it a lot easier but it felt so freeing not to care what I looked like and just frolic around in the sun with a very excited puppy.


having a good tidy

Whilst some people definitely won't be with me on this one I absolutely adore having a good tidy at the weekend and making sure everything is in some sort of order ready for the week ahead. Weekends are usually spent working for me so it's not a time I really savour like I would if I had more traditional working hours but it's still a time that I like to get things like tidying done. I not only tidy the house, change the bedding and make sure all the washing is done and tidied away which makes me feel awesome. I also like to have a digital tidy up too like replying to all my e-mails and making sure my desktop is somewhat in order. 


If you take your Sunday's to relax then something I love to do is either lay in the garden if it's warm or if it's a little cooler crawl into the sheets and read with a big mug of coffee. Reading is something you can do in most places but doing it in bed is so much better for some reason. And creating a little pillow fort that can somehow prop you up is also something I highly recommend but just be warned you might fall to sleep. 


I take photographs all week long but when it comes to a Sunday I try and not do anything that's work based and work on some personal projects. I know for many that the only time they have to work on their blog is at the weekend which makes this the perfect Sunday task. I'm currently trying to push myself a little more and do new things when it comes to photography as it's all too easy to become stuck in a real rut. Trying out new angles, using different props and layouts are all things that I'm going to be trying out this weekend.  


Using face masks at any point in the week is great but as I typically have a little more time on a Sunday that is when I like to multimask. I usually go for two masks sometimes three to give my skin a real good treat. Firstly I always go for a deep cleanse to make sure everything that has had a chance to build up over the week is gone then something brightening and finally something to hydrate the skin. I always find doing this if I hadn't had time to properly look after my complexion during the week is the best for getting things back to a somewhat normal state and avoids any unnecessary breakouts if possible.

What good things happened to you this week and what are your favourite Sunday activities?