Worth The Purchase: Homeware


Homeware is something that I got really into purchasing a few years ago, as I was still living at home with my dad I started off small so things like cushions, bedding and an unreasonable amount of houseplants. I knew I was getting older when I started to get more excited about new sheets than I did a new dress from Topshop. Now I live with my boyfriend there are lots of bigger pieces that we’ve had to buy and there are some pieces that have been so worth the investment that I thought I’d share them with you today just incase you’re in the market for some new homeware pieces.


GREY mid century style SOFA


If you’re a follower of my Instagram stories over on the dog's profile @theadventuresofjosieandedie you will often see them sunning themselves on a lovely grey sofa. I’d been toying between a day bed and a sofa for a while and eventually decided to go with the sofa, and then as if by magic I spotted one outside a local furniture shop for a mere £100 as it had some dirty marks on the back. They could be easily removed with the proper tools but as I knew it would be pushed against a wall and you couldn’t see them I didn’t bother. For the price this sofa is absolutely beautiful, it’s got that highly coveted mid-century style down to a T and it’s actually comfortable. It’s been a great addition to my office and really finishes off the space, and it just so happens the dogs love it and it means they’ll actually sit upstairs with me whilst I work which is nice as I get to have some company.



When I first moved I still had a cheap-ish IKEA rail and after moving it around probably a little too much it had a serious slant and I needed something more substantial but didn’t want to pay a fortune on a rail as I find they can really wrack up in price. This one from Argos is absolutely perfect as it’s got just the right amount of rail room for my capsule style wardrobe as well as somewhere to store the shoes that I don’t wear every day as there’s not enough room downstairs for them all. I’ve had this over a year now and it’s still as good as it was new, the mixture of the pine and the white suits my minimal tastes down to a T and because it’s wooden it's far more sturdy than the majority of the metal rails on offer.



When we upgraded our bed from a double to a king it meant that with our current room configuration I had to lose my bedside table, which I wasn’t exactly thrilled about but having more room in bed was much more appealing than a bedside table. As I still need somewhere to put my essentials like glasses, water and beauty products I chose these square shelves and they’ve been such a good addition to the room. Not only do I have enough room for all the things I reach for when I need them but I’ve also managed to style them up so they’re more of a feature in the room. These are such a good option if you’re not able to have a bedside table and feel a bit stuck of how to store your essentials.




After the big move, I upgraded my overall workspace to a desktop computer so I needed a bigger desk to work properly and one of the best things about IKEA desks is that you can make your workspace as big or as small as you want it. And although IKEA isn’t always the best in terms of quality when it comes to some items I really cannot knock these desks, mine shows no sign of wear or tear and as I work from home I’m sat at it constantly. I’ve got a large table top, trestle style legs on one side and then some Alex draws on the other for all my important documents and stationery. You can mix & match your desk to suit your needs which is ideal, I probably will need to replace the tabletop at some point but that’s only around £20 which isn’t bad at all to give the space a refresh if required.


IKEA TYSSEDAL king size bed


Our most recent homeware buy was a new bed frame, we were very kindly gifted a mattress from Simba* so it was the perfect chance to upgrade. We needed to get a bigger bed for a while as we sleep with both the dogs and even though they’re not the biggest hounds in the world at night they seem to triple in size. I love the headboard detail of this bed frame, and most importantly you can still sit up and your pillow won’t fall through the gaps which used to happen with our old bed all the time. For the meantime, we’ve woven fairly lights through the frame as we’ve not got any lamps right now and they do provide a really soft light when we’re going to bed rather than something super harsh but I would like to add a light that could clip to the headboard at some point. This bed is also a little higher which I prefer, I’ve mentioned before that we have really high ceilings so furniture pieces that can help even things out are always preferable.


£200 (on sale)

I always was one of those people who was sceptical about how good Dyson’s were. After all, they’re incredibly expensive but after buying a somewhat cheapish hoover and it setting on fire we tuck the plunge with a Dyson and it’s one of the best things we’ve ever bought. I know everyone loves the cordless one but we stuck with a cord and I have no regrets about that. One thing that has always put me off the brand is how heavy they used to be but ours is still pretty light which is key for me. We have the animal variation, and even though the dogs barely shed it’s amazing just how much mess they do bring in and this picks up. Upstairs we’ve got wooden floor throughout but downstairs we still have that vile striped carpet that is incredibly thick and the amount of dust and hair that still comes out of that is slightly disgusting but at least I know the hoover is doing its job. It’s made hoovering one of my favourite household chores, even after a year of owning it! It even makes hoovering out my car a far easier task due to all its attachments.