The Best Of The Best In My Skincare Routine Right Now


-this post contains gifted items-

Skincare is something that I used to chop and change around a lot but then I realised that was not helping my skin in the slightest and I had to seriously cut back my routine. For a long time, my products were centred around spot fighting and diminishing the look of scarring whilst these days my main concerns are hydration and brightness and these are the products that are helping me achieve that right now.




I love a cream cleanser, it’s probably my preferred option out of all the formulations that I’ve tried as it’s a reliable option no matter how my skin is feeling. This cleanser, like the name, suggests is lovely and hydrating and with the inclusion of calendula in the ingredients list means it’s great for tackling any redness in the skin which is something I can struggle with. If I’m wearing a lot of makeup then I will use micellar water to remove the bulk of it but this does work brilliantly for getting rid of any last remnants that are hanging around. It very much reminds of the cult classic Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but it’s got the added bonus of tackling redness.


Whilst I am trying to cut down on the amount I’m using micellar water I still like to have one in my skincare wardrobe for those occasions where they’re incredibly practical. I worked with Bioderma before Christmas and I was so happy to have this back in my routine after nearly 6 years of trying different formulations. This particular version is great for oily skin and it’s brilliant for removing makeup or just a quick skin refresh, I can safely use this morning if I’m feeling really lazy and not get a face full of breakouts 12 hours later. As this is for combination/oily skin it helps keep my skin balanced which like I said, is something that is absolutely key for me right now. It doesn't suck all the moisture out my complexion which can be the fear when using products specifically for oily skin.



This is an old gem and something I’ve used for years, I’m probably on the tenth bottle of my stuff and it still works beautifully on my skin. It’s a 5% glycolic acid so it’s an AHA and it’s brilliant for getting to work on any discolouration or scarring you might have, my skin is always so much brighter when I use this daily in the evening (always follow up with an SPF in the AM when using a product like this). What I love about this and why I’ve gone through so many bottles of the stuff is that it feels incredibly gentle on the skin but it still delivers on results. My skin can handle the tingle that a lot of chemical exfoliants can give and sometimes I like that but I prefer this for long term use.


I went off using hydrating toners in the morning, there was no particular reason why but that all changed when I tried this new release from Pixi. I’ve been a lover of rose toners for a long time but this is hands down the best that I’ve ever tried, maybe it’s the addition of the elderflower but it makes my skin feel absolutely wonderful, even when I’ve had my hormonal breakouts. I prefer to use this alone in the AM after cleansing but it would also be great in the evening after something like the Glow Tonic. From the description of this on Cult Beauty (don’t they just have the best product copy?) the elderflower aims to reduce redness and improve texture which I can very much attest to. I wouldn’t ever say that products like this are a necessity by any means but they are very nice to have in your routine if your skin agrees with them.




I’ve been using this hydrating serum ever since I collaborated with Clinique last year and I absolutely love it. As it’s been winter and we’ve had some questionable weather where some days it’s in the double digits and sometimes the wind chill has left us in the negatives my skin has seriously felt the effects of it. This jelly is brilliant, it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky at all as it melts into the skin instantly leaving it feeling hydrated and nourished. It not only aims to hydrate the skin but to repair it too which is a great added bonus as we put our skin through so much stress each day and I know as I get older I’m far more conscious of outside factors that might cause upset to my complexion. Right now I’m only using this in the evening as the temperature has warmed back up and my skin feels good enough in the AM to have just a couple of items but you can use this underneath makeup and it behaves wonderfully with anything else you might apply.




For moisturiser, again I’m using the same thing as I was months ago from my collaboration with the brand. And this item is a cult classic from the brand, it’s so many peoples holy grail and it’s not hard to understand why because it’s absolutely brilliant. Even throughout the depths of winter I’ve found this incredibly nourishing, not once have I struggled with any dry patches or felt dehydrated which is a tough job for any product in the harsh winds of winter. What I love the most about this product is that it not only hydrates the skin but I feel like it keeps the moisture locked in as my skin feels just as good at the end of the day as it does when it’s first applied. A little goes a seriously long way too so it’s a great value for money product, often with moisturisers, I find that my skin drinks them up a little too well and I end up finishing the item within a month or so.



Eye cream is the one thing in my routine that I need to use a lot more consistently. Especially as I’m getting older, the lines are certainly a lot more prominent than they used to be and prevention is better than cure right? One I do really like for helping to brighten the area is this one from Antipodes, it’s absolutely brilliant for helping to brighten the area without the use of glitter or shimmer. It’s nourishing enough to make sure the area feels hydrated but it doesn’t make it feel greasy at all which is a big no-no when it comes to anything that goes under the eyes.



If the foundation I’m wearing doesn’t contain an SPF or I’m going makeup-free then I always make to use an SPF as it’s such an important step in my routine. In the past, I’ve been pretty careless with sun-care and I seriously regret doing that, especially as I’m so fair and have a lot of moles but when you’re a teenager a facial SPF isn’t exactly on the top of the list of things to buy. These days, the formulations have come a long way too and they’re no longer chalky or leave an awful white cast to the skin. One that has a really great level of coverage and is great for oily skin comes from French pharmacy powerhouse Avène. It feels almost like a primer on the skin and works beautifully underneath makeup or worn alone, in the summer I will definitely be able to use this without the use of a moisturiser first as even though it is mattifying it doesn’t suck all the moisture from the skin.


what skincare are you enjoying right now?

Disclaimer: I have worked with Clinique, Bioderma and Avène on a paid basis in the past year but this post is not a paid for advertorial

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