Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen List #1


One of my all-time favourite posts to read from my most loved creators is what they’ve been enjoying from the web that week. And from now on in this corner of the internet, I want to try and share the things that I’ve enjoyed from others as much as possible, as sharing is caring after all. So here is the first instalment of the weekend reading, watching and listening list!

  • Fearne Cotton has a wonderful podcast called Happy Place and her episode with Russel Brand was particularly good.

  • Any animal lover must watch the new series on Netflix called DOGS, be prepared to have a good cry though.

  • This Instagram account will be sure to brighten your day.

  • Jasmine Dowling is one of my all time favourite content creators and her November Journal was a lovely read.

  • Possibly the best music video I’ve seen in years, prepare to have this bop stuck in your head for the next few hours.

  • On iPlayer you must watch the new Louis Theroux documentaries.

  • And of course, the new David Attenborough documentary too, will we all ever get over the baby penguins? Doubtful!

  • Elsie Larson’s latest living room tour is absolutely beautiful.

  • An album that I’ve rediscovered lately is Honne - Warm On A Cold Night which is the ultimate work album.

  • Liv Purvis of What Olivia Did yearly gift guide did not disappoint with unique gift suggestions.

  • I wasn’t crazy about this years John Lewis advert but I’m a big fan of the Christmas advert they created about the man called John Lewis who is probably my favourite Twitter account to follow.

  • Also this video from How Things Work is a fun watch to see what goes into food photography.

  • If you’re a horror/thriller lover then I highly recommend watching ‘The Awakening’ on Netflix.


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