Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen list #6


I’m not one to wish away time but if storm Gareth could please bugger off I’d really appreciate it. I hope everyone has had a great week despite the awful winds and rain? March seems to be flying by, why is that January seems to last for years but then all the other month's whizz by at an alarming rate? Anyway, forgive all my weather and time chatter. Here is this weeks read, watch and listen list for you to make your way through this weekend!

  • I finally got up to date with Brooklyn 99 and I’m obsessed, it reminds me of the US Office with how easy it is to watch and I think we all need a tv show like that in our lives sometimes

  • The documentary about Dirty John is a pretty crazy watch.

  • I know I’m late to the party but I did only just watch The Martian and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • There’s a season 2 of Doomsday Preppers which I will most definitely be giving a watch this weekend.

  • I also need to watch the celeb Great British Bake Off, the countdown to the real thing is on!

  • This post from the wonderful Sade about redundancy is something that is so important to pay attention to.

  • Caroline’s living room reveal is beautiful, I’m obsessed with string shelves at the moment.

  • Female friendships are always an interesting conversation and I love this post from Brittany.

  • The Lake District is one of my favourite places in the UK and this guide from Katy is brilliant.

  • Whilst I’m still not sure children are for me Rosie’s post about the birth of her daughter is beautiful.

  • A couple of episodes of Dolly Alderton’s podcast that I’ve seriously loved are with Lily Allen & Matt Haig.

  • I’m finally reading Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, it’s a brilliant read so far!

happy weekend!