10 Things That Make A/W Awesome

It goes without saying that there are some things that make A/W a little undesirable like the ice cold temperatures and it getting dark as early as 3pm. However, there are plenty of awesome things that can counteract those grey days and somehow they feel just that little bit better in the colder seasons and I've got 10 of my favourites to share with you today. 


The grey skies and dark days are an absolute pain for photographing anything inside but getting outside and capturing the dreamy A/W colour palette is one of my favourite things to do. Whilst I might favour taking pictures of white interiors and setting up different concepts there is just something so incredible about being outside and seeing all those luscious green tones come to life through the lens. I find it's much more fun to photograph nature in the cooler seasons as everything feels more atmospheric than it does in Summer. 


I learnt to knit in the Spring and it's something that I've absolutely adored doing in my down time and somehow it's even better in A/W. Not only do you get all the warmth from the wool that you're knitting with but if you knit something like a hat or scarf then you get something you can use for multiple seasons afterwards. I always think the best kind of downtime activities are the ones that you can get something you can use from. I'm currently on my second scarf of the year and I cannot wait to finish it and be able to wrap up warm with it. 


A classic A/W activity but such a great one and of course it's a classic for a reason. I always like to dig out some of my favourite festive reads at this time of year as books alongside Christmas episodes of the Simpsons are one of the only things that get me in the holiday spirit. A few of my favourites include;

  • Little Women - Louisa May Alcott 
  • Harry Potter - J.K Rowling 
  • The Secret History - Donna Tart 


Even though it sucks that it gets dark so early right now I find it makes it a lot easier to wind down for the day after finishing work. I absolutely love knitting and reading but another one of my favourite activities is Netflix & Snacks. Personally, I think it's a much better version of the elusive Netflix & Chill. My current Netflix binge of choice is the original season of Planet Earth, the follow-up series has just been released so it was the perfect time to go back to the original. And of course, the snacks. Lindt Lindor Chocolates* will always remind me the cooler seasons, there isn't a Christmas go by that I don't spot these familiar red and gold clad beauties and they're one of the most delicious chocolates around.


 Of course, it's fair to say that when the weather is terrible that you're probably not going to be that psyched to get outside in the great outdoors. Getting wrapped up warm with as many layers and thermals as you can find meaning you resemble a marshmallow might not look that cool but it does allow you to enjoy nature without turning into a human popsicle within a few seconds of being outside. Being stuck inside constantly is tough for our mental states, even just being outside for half an hour I find makes a huge difference to how I feel mentally. 


It's something that's so simple and in a lot of ways is a huge cliche but I find making plans for the future and thinking about the things that you want to do is a wonderful pick me up in A/W. Feeling hopeless and in a rut is something I'm sure we can all relate to and those feelings only intensify in the colder months when we're unable to get out as much as we do in the Summer.  It can be something as small as going out one day after work to the cinema or catching up with an old friend but having something to work towards can do wonders for our mind. 


There is no denying that all the best TV shows return to our screens in A/W. I'm so excited to have American Horror Story, Grey's Anatomy and The Walking Dead come back onto our screens once again. 



I refuse to believe there is a soul out there who doesn't love putting their best cosy bedding on when the A/W season rolls around. And flannelette bedding I think is the best option as not only is it snuggly soft but it also keeps you incredibly warm. Primark usually sells really cute sets if you're after something seasonal but otherwise plain sets can be found in the likes of B&M and Dunelm Mill. Of course, there is no way that I could write about the best things in A/W without including the true wonder which is the electric blanket. Cosy bedding is one thing but it's never quite as good as sliding into a bed that's heated. 


If you read my lazy girl beauty confessions post you will know all about my distaste for showers and how much I love having a bath. And the pleasure of taking a bath really comes into its own in the cold season. Especially after a long day and you can pour all your favourite lotions and potions into it to make a delicious cocktail to soak in. 


I'm a homebody all year round, there is no denying that but if there is any time to embrace being a homebody it's now. And even though I love getting outside and going for a walk it's never quite as good as coming home and wrapping up warm in a blanket and doing some of your favourite things that can be done at home like reading, knitting and of course Netflix & snacks. 

What are your favourite things about A/W?

R x

- this post is in conjunction with Lindt but as always thoughts are my own. Visit their website to find out more about their delicious chocolates -

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