3 Face Masks That Actually Do Something & A 101 Guide to Masks

Face masks are a wonderful added extra to any skincare routine and when you find the right one it can work wonders. And for the most part, they're an instant gratification product, unlike other skin care items that can take weeks to take effect. I've got 3 new favourites to share with you today as well a little 101 guide of when to use them. 



I think this is the biggest question people have about using masks and it's something that's super personal to you and your skin needs. I like to go with a twice or three times a week routine and I mostly go by just looking at my skin and seeing what it needs. For example;

Blackheads and general congestion = clarifying

Dry patches = moisturising

Spots and redness = calming and clarifying

Dull and lacklustre = exfoliating


Having a mask as part of your routine is what I would consider a luxury addition as they're not a dire essential. But I do find that they can make a big difference in the overall condition of your skin when used on a regular basis. It's something that's such a personal preference not only for our skins needs but for our budget and lifestyle too. 

Application & Removal

It might seem really silly to write about how you apply a face mask but this might be of interest to some.  I always apply face masks with an old foundation brush so it stops you from wasting any product and much less mess. And upon removal, I prefer a flannel or a muslin cloth over trying to scrub anything away with my hands. 


THE BODY SHOP FRESH PLUMPING MASK*:  This is a mask that is truly unique in its formulation as it's a gel and there aren't many like that on the market. The gel feels incredible on the skin and even upon initial application it helps skin feel more awake. The beautiful blends of roses help to not only tone the skin but they also hydrate the complexion which is something we could all probably do with more of right now. The aloe vera calms down the complexion with ease and you're left with a happy looking face afterwards. As it's a gel formulation it doesn't dry down on the skin to that uncomfortable cracking feeling making it a nightmare to remove you just simply wipe away. 

THE PUMPKIN ENZYME MASQUE*: I'm not a lover of pumpkin at all unless it's in skincare. Pumpkin enzymes are a really wonderful way of naturally exfoliating the skin without the need for chemicals or harsh scrubs. An exfoliating mask can not only lead to a brighter complexion but I find them amazing for helping diminish the appearance of scars too. This product from the brand Banish has the consistency and look of what only can be described as thick soup and it's not the most luxe to apply by any means. But it makes the skin look incredible afterwards, not only is it brighter but any active breakouts feel less aggressive. 

THE BODY SHOP HIMALAYAN CHARCOAL PURIFYING GLOW MASK*: Another option from the new(ish) Superfood range at The Body Shop. I think this might have replaced my beloved Aesop Parsley Seed Masque and it takes something really good to knock that off the top spot. It's a deep purifying mask that contains tea tree so not only does it bring out all the crap that lurks deep within our pores but it helps fight blemishes too. It's perfect after a long week if you've been wearing a lot of makeup or been in a city centre as it really does draw everything out. You do need some sort of brush to apply this as it's quite thick in consistency and contains small pieces of bamboo charcoal. And when dried down it does become difficult to remove so probably not one for sensitive skins! 

Do you have tips when it comes to masks? And any favourites to share?

R x

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