How To Become A Morning Person

I know, I know the title of this post might cause you to roll your eyes so much they practically fall out but hear me out. As a teenager, the idea of getting up earlier than I possibly had to was never something that appealed to me. I used to hide under the duvet and sleep in until the early afternoon at every chance I got. Now things are completely different. When I'm awake I thoroughly enjoy the morning but getting up is a whole different story. So here is how I've become a morning person and early bird. 


Whether it's for work or a social event getting yourself as prepared as you can the night before is a huge help. Not only does it save you a ton of time in the morning but it saves any last minute rushing around which inevitably leads to forgetting something. So things, like packing your bag, writing to-do lists, making your lunch, ironing your outfit or even preparing your breakfast, are all things that can save you time and make the mornings that little bit easier. 


There is nothing worse than rushing around in a morning, it never gets your day off to a good start. So setting your alarm just that little bit earlier isn't something that might sound at all desirable but once your body clock adjusts you will find yourself naturally getting up that little bit earlier anyway. By having that extra time your body can properly wake up and you don't find yourself still sleepy-eyed when you're meant to be starting your work day. 


Probably one of my worst habits is as soon as I open my eyes I scroll through social media. It's something I promise myself every evening that I'll change in the morning and I never manage to do it. More often than not scrolling through social media never brings me that much happiness. And if I see something that annoys me it starts my day off on a bad note when there is no need for it. There is no need log into the  online world so early in the morning. 



It's something that is recommended time and time again and there is a good reason for it. Breakfast is the most important meal you can have because it kick starts your system for the rest of the day. So many of us struggle with their appetite in the AM but even something as small as a banana can help. And because it's not something that you need sit down and eat either you can't tell yourself you just don't have the time when you can eat it on the go. 


I love to sleep, I love my bed and I will find any way to spend any extra time in my beloved sheets. The snooze button used to be my best friend but I found more often than not when I hit it I felt even worse when I finally peel myself out of the sheets. I'm a big fan of the Sleep Cycle app that tracks my sleep so that the alarm starts at a time where I'm not in a deep sleep so it's not so much of a shock to the system. If you're someone that really struggles with getting up and out of bed. Something really helpful to do is to put your alarm away from your bed. Keeping it close enough that you will still obviously hear it but an area where you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Forcing yourself out of bed isn't something that isn't pleasant at all but it works. 

Do you have any tips for getting out of bed?

R x

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