15 Things To Do When You're Saving Money

Something I'm sure all 20 somethings can relate to is constantly trying to save money. There are so many things to save up for like moving out and purchasing a car to eventually getting married, buying a house and trying to squeeze in holidays. So it can be difficult to save as many pennies as you can whilst still having fun with your significant other or friends. I've compiled a list of a few of my favourite things to do whilst saving money in case you've been stuck for ideas. 

  1. Join the National Trust, if you're under 25 it's only £2.50 a month and you can visit so many houses and parks.
  2. Dig out board games you used to play as a child, it's amazing how much fun a game of Monopoly can be.
  3. Cook instead of eating out. 
  4. Play the unlimited funds Rightmove game.
  5. A Netflix evening. 
  6. Hold a car boot sale, not only are you saving money you're actually making some. 
  7. Visit a local garden centre. 
  8. Pack up a picnic and head for your local park [weather permitting of course].
  9. Join the library. 
  10. Try out a new hobby like learning that instrument or playing a sport. 
  11. Homecrafts like sewing & knitting. 
  12. Bike rides. 
  13. Start a blog. 
  14. Take your beloved little pooch for a walk. 
  15. Start a book club with your friends.

What do you do when you're saving money?

R x

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