Making Your Eyes Look Bigger & Brighter

My eyes are the most prominent feature of my face so, of course, I only want to enhance them. For years, I wore heavy dark kohl and looking back now it wasn't the most flattering eye look I could have gone for. But what are your teenage years without a good healthy emo stage? Fast forward a few years and now I go incredibly light on my peepers and only apply products that will make my eyes look bigger and brighter. 


A good night's sleep & staying hydrated are key factors for bright eyes. During the months at university whilst I was writing my dissertation I can painfully recall how huge the bags were under my eyes. At one point, I looked like I had two sets of eyelids, they were that bad. An eye mask is something I find incredibly handy for blocking out the world and settling down. Hydration is super important for your wellbeing, my eyes and skin are the ultimate give away when I'm dehydrated. It's such an easy step to take to help your eyes look dazzling white. 


There is only one eye cream that I come back to time and time again. Origins GinZing is the best brightening eye cream I've ever come across. Not only does it brighten but it also helps to hydrate and decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fatigue. Now I've hit 25 I feel like I should be actively using an eye cream as I've noticed the skin looked a little slack, and prevention is better than cure right? 


Something I don't believe I've ever been a fan of is applying mascara on my lower lashes, I find it just a little too much for a daytime look By applying mascara to the upper lashes only it really opens my eyes, which helps achieve that adorable doe eye look with ease. In combination with a good lash curler your eyes will look bigger in seconds. 


There is a fine line that is often crossed when it comes to brightening under eye products. A few shades too light and you're looking like a reverse panda which isn't an ideal look. I always try to go for something that has enough coverage to hide any discoloration but also contains illuminating properties. The best I've found that fits the bill is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I use the fairest shade and it's perfect for brightening and concealing plus it's incredibly lightweight and doesn't crease which is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to concealer. 


White in the waterline used to be a big trend, but I always found it to be a little too stark for my liking. It's only in recent years that a flesh coloured pencil has become available on the high street, so thanks Rimmel! They are perfect for disguising any pesky redness in your waterline which instantly makes you look tired. I find it helps to really brighten and widen my eyes without being overly obvious. 

How do you make your eyes look bigger and brighter?

R x

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