20 Ways To Productively Procrastinate

Procrastination is something I'm particularly good at if I do say so myself. I think whenever we hear the P word we instantly presume that it's a fancy word for time wasting but I think procrastination can actually be pretty productive depending on what you're doing. So today I wanted to share with you 20 of my favourite ways to be productive whilst procrastinating. 

  1. Painting my nails.
  2. Writing lists.
  3. Organising my finances. 
  4. Sorting out my beauty stash and streamlining what I own.
  5. Changing my bedding (currently in a love affair with brushed cotton). 
  6. Doing a triple mask facial. 
  7. Giving my desk a proper tidy. 
  8. Watering plants. 
  9. Practicing hand lettering on my graphics tablet. 
  10. Going for a run. 
  11. Organising my bookcase. 
  12. Playing the unlimited fund RightMove game. 
  13. Getting up to date with all outstanding work and make sure all emails have been answered. 
  14. Planning. 
  15. Tackling the pile of ironing. 
  16. Changing around the covers on my Pinterest boards.
  17. Organise the kitchen cupboards. 
  18. Brainstorming blog post idea's. 
  19. Making a new playlist on Spotify.
  20. Watching sausage dog and corgi videos on YouTube - not productive but it's time well spent. 

What are your favourite ways to productively procrastinate?

R x

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