What To Do When You're Completely Burnt Out

Feeling completely burnt out is a difficult thing to go through and something that I've experienced a few times in the past couple of years. It can be in just one area of your life or it can be everything, lately I've faced an almighty burnout and feel like I'm only just coming back from it. So whether you're experiencing a blog, life, work or an everything burn out then these tips might be useful for you too. 


We all know that rest is important but how many of us make sure we're getting enough of it? Life is a busy old thing and sometimes it can become a little too much and we become completely unbalanced and run ourselves into the ground. Whilst 16-hour workdays are something that seems to be all the rage at the moment, they’re not a healthy thing to do 7 days a week. General well-being seems to be completely underrated and believe it, or not, you can get all your work done and take care of yourself too. So the next time you've got a free day why not spend it doing whatever you please and recuperate instead of feeling like you should be working. 


This might seem like an odd thing to do, but sometimes we all need to sit down and look at our life and see where we are putting the majority of our energy. I'm a big believer of everything in moderation because every single aspect of your life needs love and attention, not just work or your social life. For a long time, I just focused on where I was going with my career and forgot to nurture my friendships and relationship. So I sat back and really had a good look at what I was doing and how I could change my work habits so that I could be more present in life. Whilst my balance fluctuates all the time I certainly feel like I'm a lot better at managing everything and not neglecting my loved ones. There will always be more time to work but missing out on time with loved ones is hard to replace.



Whenever I'm facing a burnout my inspiration always takes a serious hit so much to the point I don't think I'll be capable of ever thinking of a good idea again. Naturally when this happens, I panic and then a few hours later I will remember that I will never run out of ideas because it's simply not possible when there are so many things to write about. My favourite way to feel inspired again is to not think about it, to just let go a little as by constantly focusing on being uninspired this only makes the feeling worse. I usually try and get outside for a little bit with Bella and embrace the outside world and within a few minutes I slowly feel my inspiration making its way back to me. 


As silly as it sounds how often do we take the chance to just breathe? Just taking in the moment for what it is and enjoying where we are at the moment in time. With the pressure to constantly moving forward I think we can all forget to celebrate where we are and all all the things that we've achieved. Sometimes slowing down for a little bit can be more productive in the long run than going at everything at warped speed. 

What do you do when you're feeling totally burned out?
R x

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