A Beauty Chat With Amanda From Rhyme & Ribbons

I'm super excited to share today's post with you. There is nothing quite as good as having a natter about beauty with a fellow blogger and that's exactly what myself and Amanda from the blog Rhyme & Ribbons did recently and here are the details. 

Amanda, can you share a few of your first beauty memories with us? 

I can vividly remember my first beauty "disaster". I was having a sleepover at my house and spilled a scented, bright blue nail varnish all over the carpet in my bedroom floor. And then my 10 year old self decided the best way to salvage the situation without my mum knowing was to dump an entire bottle of remover over it. I had a massive blue smear that had to be covered with a rug for years after... 

Who are your beauty idols? 

I can't help but love a someone who can perfect the cat eye. It's my favourite going-out look. I wouldn't be a modern woman if I didn't say that I loved Alexa Chung's messy, understated elegance. I've always loved Bridgette Bardot for a similar reason. Growing up I was a huge admirer of Audrey Hepburn as well.

What's the best pieceS of beauty advice that you've ever been given? 

My mom is a skincare fanatic - she's always been quite vocal about my brother and I having proper skincare at an early age. (She made me a devotee to the Clinique Three-Step system by age 10.) You really can't over-stress the importance of suncream! My mom is beautiful, and she looks so much younger than her age, I think due to her fabulous life-long devotion to good skincare. 

What are the beauty products that your reach for when you need a pick me up?

A brighter lipstick always perks me up a bit and makes me feel like my whole outfit is a bit more pulled-together. If I've had a rubbish day, a bath with a Lush bath bomb really helps sort out my bad mood. 

As of right now, what is your beauty aesthetic? 

I lean towards being as minimalistic and natural as possible beauty wise. I've never highlighted or contoured in my life. I trained as an actress so putting on lots of products was relegated to pre-show work only. (Though I do love my Ben Nye stage makeup palette.) I feel most comfortable with my every day routine: after moisturising, usually fill in my eyebrows, put on some mascara, a bit on concealer and a quick swipe of colour for my lips. 

What are your current favourites that you can't stop reaching for?

I swear by investing in a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. I've had my hair every colour under the sun and objectively, it should be in appealing condition. Davines "oi" is responsible for saving my hair.  I don't feel dressed without a spritz of perfume. My current favourite is Jo Malone's "Peony Suede and Blush".  

And of course, we couldn't have a chat about beauty without talking about skincare

I try to make time to fully wash, cleanse and moisturise no matter how tired I am. (Though the same could not be said of my dedication when I was in university.) I start by taking off my makeup with Garner micellar water. Then I wash with La Roche Posay's cleansing face wash. Every so often, I will then use Clinque's clarifying astringent. I always finish with La Roche Posay's effaclar duo moisturiser and at nighttime put on Kiehl's midnight recovery oil. I try to exfoliate once a week. 


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