3 Palettes That Are Worth The Makeup Bag Real Estate


If there is one thing that the blogging world really loves, it's palettes. And personally, whilst I have enjoyed many a palette in my time I've never had the urge to rush out and buy any new releases for the simple fact..I don't get the hype. For me, I need something that I can really get a good amount of use from, not just a couple of shades here and there as it is far too wasteful for my liking. And you can more than likely find similar shades in single form if you're really that drawn to them. So with such a strict criteria when it comes to palettes you know they have to be good to make the cut in my beauty stash and take up that much valuable beauty real estate. And here are the ones that do that...



This was the product that got me really excited about palettes again last summer as before that I really hadn't been that bothered by one in a long time. I've written an entire review on this which you can read here but if you've never seen this dreamy palette before. Let me provide you with some vital details, it's a neutral eyeshadow palette with a good mix between warm and cool toned shadows as well as plenty of mattes and shimmers. It comes in at £41 with 12 generous sized shadows that works out at nearly £3.50 per shadow so you're getting a good amount for your investment which is key when it comes to palettes. The quality of the shadows are truly sublime, buttery soft with a little bit of a fallout when dipping your brush in but once applied onto the lid they stay put all day. You can use many of these shadows as one wash wonders or work them together to create a really stunning dimensional look. This palette contains one of my favourite things which is not only an absolutely huge crystal clear mirror which makes it perfect for travel as it's still lightweight and slim in terms of design but it's got a neutral brown for my brows. So I can do it all with this palette, some of the shades could most definitely even be used as a highlighter if I so desired. Favourites for my eyes are;

  • Funny Girl - a beautiful golden glitter
  • Flower Child - a matte vanilla
  • Rocker - a taupe shimmer 

mac build your own palettes

Although this isn't a palette that comes ready-made [although there are some that come out in limited edition collections] for you I think now in the beauty community the MAC palettes get forgotten about. Even though there was a once time where girls had at least 4 custom palettes in their beauty arsenal. I so rarely see them spoken about now but I reach for my MAC shadows nearly every single week without fail and they're such a staple item in my beauty collection. There are plenty of build your own shadow systems out there but I have to say that I'm drawn to these MUA favourites the most. Not only because they're the easiest to get hold of but generally, the quality is always there and consistent throughout. My palette consists of 3 shadows but you can have as many or as little shades as you like so that way you're not being wasteful at all. The shades I have are; naked lunch, shroom, and mystery. They are a neutral shimmery champagne [NL] a very light shimmer [shroom] and a neutral brown [mystery]. I've had all of these shades for many, many years and somehow I'm still not at the end of them even though I constantly reach for them which just goes to show how good they are. These build your own palettes from MAC certainly aren't as cost friendly as premade palettes but the fact that you're not going to be wasting any money on shades you won't ever use certainly plays into the investment. The only downside to these palettes is that the casing doesn't contain a mirror which would be a really nice addition to the otherwise minimal branding.



This palette featured in a beauty post last week but I just had to give it a mention again as it has become a firm favourite of mine in just a few weeks, which never happens. The palette is really something that can do it all and save you from buying a blush, eyeshadow and brow shade as it's got them all in there. The packaging isn't the best, in general, with the Pixi collaborations even though the product inside is always superb I find the packaging to be quite poor and takes away from the quality as let's be honest in the beauty world we like to judge our products by their covers. Anyway back to whats inside, there are 3 perfectly matched shimmery eyeshadow duos, a trio of matte shadows and then 3 blushes to choose from. And for once I think I can safely use all but two of these shades and get the most out of this item. Which we all know is incredibly rare when it comes to palettes as you're typically left with a good handful that you just simply have no use for. The quality of the powders are really wonderful, soft and buttery but they don't fall out at all and sit comfortably and wear evenly all throughout the day. If you're a simple makeup lover and don't like to have a lot of products laying around then I cannot suggest this palette enough.


What are your favourite palettes?