Introducing The Adventures Of Josie & Edie

Some might say I've officially reached my peak by creating what I'm about to share with you... 

I think we can safely come to one conclusion about me and that is that I really, really adore my dogs. They truly are the greatest loves of my life and in the short year that I've had Josie and since rescuing Edie my heart has never felt so full and I've truly never been happier. Since I created the dogs an Instagram account I've discovered and become a part of such a beautiful online community and I wanted to be able to expand on it. And so was born The Adventures of Josie & Edie, an entire blog to talk all things dog and I'm so excited to begin my little passion project and to be able to share it with you. 

Although there are plenty of people that must scoff at me for being such a big fan of my own dogs I know so many people absolutely love seeing them too and they add a little bit of happiness to their day as well as mine. On The Adventures of Josie & Edie, you'll find everything from photographs and walk suggestions in the Nottinghamshire area and sometimes further afield, our favourite places to shop for the dogs, hound fashion and everything in-between. Everything will run as usual on From Roses without disruption but the girl's blog will run alongside and everything can be found in the navigation bar if you're feeling a little lost. I hope you're as excited as I am for this addition to my online world!