5 Awesome Fitness Apps To Keep You On Track

I'm a big lover of fitness apps for keeping track of progress. Even though not I'm interested in setting personal bests or anything like that I find being able to log things into an app awesome for keeping you motivated and here are 5 of my favourites. 


As I own a Jawbone Activity Tracker this is one of the only fitness apps that I currently use. It syncs up with the band to monitor your sleep and activity and then you can add in your exercise, food and water intake manually to the app. You don't need to have the tracker to use this app either so if you just want a general fitness app then this a great option considering it's free. I love how simple this is to use but it doesn't log burned calories quite as accurately as it should which I do feel like is a bit of a flaw for something centred around fitness. 


Before I discovered UP I used to absolutely love using Fitbit. It's pretty similar to UP if you're familiar with that app but I prefer the interface of Fitbit. It's another app that you can use in combination with an activity tracker but of course, it can be used without but it's not ideal to constantly have your phone on you so you can monitor your activity. What I love the most about Fitbit is that it sends you a weekly round up of a general overview of how far you've walked and if you met any of your goals which is something I always found motivating. In comparison to the UP app, this one is better for keeping track of how many calories you're burning but I prefer the design of the Jawbone activity trackers. 


If you're into strength training and logging every detail of your workout manually then Full Fitness is one of the best apps I've ever found. You can design your entire workout on it and then manually input all the details like how many reps you did and how much weight you've lifted. If you don't want to design your own workout plan then there are so many on the app to choose from that also have guides of how to do them. And if all that isn't enough to sway you into purchasing this app then there also functions like a body measurement tracker and a food tracker if that's something that interests you. 

10K [FREE] 

This is the best app that I've found for helping with getting into running, there are so many available but I prefer the layout of this. It's split into weeks and then 3 days so you build your stamina up gradually. It works with intervals of running and walk so it really breaks everything down into manageable chunks when you're beginning. 


If you're more of an advanced runner then Nike Running is awesome, especially if you run outside. It not only shows you a route of your run but it tracks your speed and calories burnt. It's great if you're interested in working on your speed and stamina as it gives you an overview of how far you're progressing each time you run as it monitors all your runs. 

What are your favourite fitness apps?

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