The Skincare That's Currently Keeping My Skin Flawless

It's been a while since I've discussed my skincare routine in depth. I've, of course, mentioned products in various posts but it's been a little too long since I divulged the details of my product fix. Whilst I'm obviously going to jinx myself completely by saying this. But my skin has been blemish free for months now, even the hormonal ones have been minimal. And I think a lot of that is down is to an improvement of my diet but also a consistent routine with awesome products. 



ANTIPODES CREAM CLEANSER*: Whilst I've experimented with balm and oil cleansers over the past few years I think my heart will always lie with a classic cream formulation. This cleanser from all natural skincare brand Antipodes is beautiful, it's incredibly kind to the skin but it still gives it skin a deep cleanse whilst serving up a big surge of moisture. My skin feels exactly how I want it to after I've used this and I've not found it to aggravate any blemishes that I might be struggling with or any redness. It's also been great at keeping my skin balanced on those really hot days by calming down any extra oil production but also helping with dehydration. 


PIXI GLOW TONIC: I've not used this cult exfoliating toner in years but it's such a great one. I love how gentle it is on the complexion even though it works hard at sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and healthier complexion. The glycolic acid is what works to get rid of those pesky dead skin cells that are hanging around and then the aloe vera and ginseng hydrates and locks in moisture to keep the complexion looking plump. 

PIXI MAKEUP FIXING MIST*: When using the glow tonic using something hydrating afterwards isn't a necessity but if I know I'm going to be wearing a full face of makeup then I love to use this mist. It's marketed as a makeup fixing mist to be used before or after applying your products to help them stay on longer. Personally, I just like to use this to hydrate the skin and create a balanced base for makeup. It really helps to keep the complexion glowing all day but not in a gross sweaty way, just plump and healthy. 


1001 SKIN REMEDIES*: If you're a really long term reader of mine you will know how much I love the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] for keeping on top of any skin issues. But I ran out of that a few months ago and I wanted to see how my complexion would fair without it and it's actually been ok. I was anxious that it might have a complete meltdown without my hero product. My skins texture isn't as amazing as it when using the ED but I'm not covered in spots like I was before introducing that product into my routine. The 1001 Skin Remedies is a topical gel treatment that helps to repair the skin from deep within and tackle any breakouts and other skin ailments like bruises or ashes. I only use this on the areas that need the extra bit of help like areas of scarring and it's such an awesome product. Pricey yes but if you're really struggling with your skin then I'd highly recommend this. 


CLINIQUE TURNAROUND DAYTIME MOISTURISER: I swore by this moisturiser last year as it contains a subtle hint of glow as well as having incredible skincare benefits. My skin always feels so hydrated and looks healthy when using this. And that small amount of colour completely eliminates the need for a primer or corrector on really awesome skin days which is a big deal for someone who used to pile on the products.  


BALANCE ME TINTED WONDER EYE CREAM*: I've been reaching for eye cream a lot more this year as I feel like it's time to start introducing anti-aging products to help prevent anything that might start appearing. This is a fairly new product from Balance Me and it offers a small amount of coverage as well as providing lightweight nourishment for under the eyes. If you suffer from bad dark circles or discoloration then this is a great option. Balance Me probably do some of the best eye creams I've ever found on the market and the price is reasonable. For when my eyes have been incredibly puffy due to hay fever. I've been using the rose eye cream from Lavera as I've found that better for depuffing the under eye area. 



NIVEA SENSITIVE MICELLAR WATER: If I'm wearing makeup I mostly use a micellar water to remove it. Now we don't have to pay an extortionate amount for Bioderma they're much more appealing and have been a staple part of my skincare routine for years. This is the best option I've found on the lower end of the price spectrum. It actually feels like water on the skin and removes all makeup without any irritation at all. 

ANTIPODES GRACE CREAM CLEANSER*: Same as my AM cleanser, I'm really enjoying this product at the moment. Even though I don't use it to remove the bulk of my makeup I've still found it awesome at removing anything that my first cleanser hasn't got rid of. 


PIXI GLOW TONIC: Another one from my AM routine. Some might say using a chemical exfoliant day & night is too much but I've found it's perfect for my skin. 

CAUDALIE GRAPE WATER*: I really wish that this didn't come in an aerosol can as I find it incredibly wasteful but I adore the way that my skin feels using this. It's so kind and gentle and gives the complexion a huge surge of moisture which is what I look for in my PM products. I want my skin to feel as nourished as possible so it can repair itself. 


CLINIQUE TURNAROUND OIL: I've mentioned this oil a lot since discovering it last year and I absolutely adore it. It's such a beautiful oil and I've found it particularly good for more oil-prone complexions as it doesn't disrupt the balance or cause more oil production. The revitalising properties make light work of smoothing out the skin and helping diminish any scarring left over from breakouts and speeding along the healing process of anything that's might erupt. 


CAUDALIE VINOSOURCE RECOVERY CREAM*: At night I don't mind going to bed looking a little too glowy [read: greasy]. This is a new release from Caudalie and I absolutely adore the way this makes my complexion feel. It's incredibly comforting on the skin as it's a thicker lotion from what I'm typically used to. It feels absolutely incredible and helps to repair and rebuild the complexion which is exactly what I want for something that is going to be sitting on my skin overnight. There are different variations of this moisturiser for different skin types which is awesome as it's absolutely divine. 

What does your current skincare routine look like?

R x

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