5 Cult Reads

A few years ago when I started to get back into reading I made a promise to myself to read more cult and classic books. Normally I get my book suggestions from my best friend and don't pay attention to what's popular at the moment so I can often miss out on those books that everyone is talking about. I got some real cult classic books for my birthday and here are my thoughts on them. 

WILD - CHERYL STRAYED: Every time I write anything to do with the books that I've been reading Wild is always suggested to me and I'm so glad I've finally got round to reading it. It follows Cheryl Strayed hiking the Pacific Coast Trail after going through some big life changes at the beginning of her twenties. I absolutely adored Wild and all the unfiltered emotions that went into it. It's one of those awesome books that makes you feel capable of doing absolutely anything after reading it. The film is also a great watch if you're not into reading. Of course, some key pieces are missing but it was still a solid adaption. 

BIG MAGIC - ELIZABETH GILBERT: This was a book I was a little apprehensive about reading as it's been so big over the past couple of years and I wanted it to live up to my expectations. But, of course, it was and Liz Gilbert it just a complete genius on the subject of creativity. Even though the advice was nothing that I hadn't read before it still didn't take away from the power of the words that are written in Big Magic. I'm excited to read this again when I'm going through a slump with my ideas and fearing creative living. It only took me 3-4 hours to read cover to cover but it such a wonderful book and one I'd suggest to anyone. 

ON THE ROAD - JACK KERUOAC: This has had been on my to-read list for what feels like forever. And I'd always heard such amazing things about OTR so my hopes were pretty high. But I really struggled to even finish reading this as I didn't enjoy the writing style at all. It felt incredibly rambly and long winded and even though I enjoyed the way the book was laid out it wasn't for me. The plot had interesting twists and turns but in general, the writing style made it such a let down for me. And it's rare that I feel like I can't even get to the end of a book but I felt no connection to it at all. I might watch the film to see how it's been adapted but sadly On The Road wasn't a classic for me. 

ONE DAY - DAVID NICHOLLS: After reading his latest release US last year I knew I had to give One Day a read as it's such a well-known and loved book. It documents Emma and Dexter on the day of their graduation and for the next 20 years. And the ups and downs of their separate lives as well as their life together. It's hard to talk about this book without giving too much away but if you've not given this a read then I highly suggest you do. It's romantic without being too obvious or cliche and you will more than likely finding yourself weeping at some crucial plot twists. 

EAT, PRAY, LOVE - ELIZABETH GILBERT: Another book from Liz Gilbert. I feel like reading Eat, Pray, Love is almost like a right of passage in life and I'm so glad I gave this one a read. I'd heard it was difficult to get into but I immediately found myself immersed in her story and all of the emotions that she wrote about. My favourite chapter was Italy and I absolutely adored the way that this book was laid out, I found it so easy follow and not at all wishy-washy in its writing style. This is another one I'm excited to watch the film adaption of as that's one the great things about classic books, they always have a film counterpart. 

What are your favourite cult books?

R x

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