5 Easy Ways To Switch Up Your Space & A Giveaway

There is something about September that gets me itching for a change, I find it's more of a fresh start than the New Year. So naturally the urge for a change has crept over into my interior tastes and as well as my usual deep clean after summer I've been switching up my space a little. Of course, I cannot afford to completely change my surroundings so I've just been making little adjustments here and there and wanted to share them with you guys today as they are super simple, but they can have a big impact. 

A/W Sheets

It pains me to say that it has really started to turn cold in the UK so early in September, but I cannot deny the goose pimples any longer. As I was due to refresh my duvet & sheets anyway I thought I would go for something a little more A/W friendly and go with brushed cotton. If you've never experienced this type of bedding before, boy are you in for a treat it's quite simply the softest thing I've ever felt and now when I climb into bed it feels so much more welcoming. I picked up a new bottom sheet and pillowcases from Asda and they're really affordable and I've always had nothing but good experiences with their bedding. Bedding is something that I find can really change the way your bedroom feels overall and who doesn't love cosy sheets?

Fresh Lighting

Good light is something that I find really important, especially in a bedroom. Homebase were kind enough to gift me the beautiful Copperfield Desk Lamp*, of course, we all know how popular copper or rose gold is these days. The shape of this piece is reminiscent of the classic mechanical lamp [pixar lamp anybody?] but slightly more feminine. It's been the perfect addition to my freshly revamped bedside table, for a while I'd been using a tray table, but I've gone back to a more traditional offering which I've had since university. It was from IKEA, but sadly they don't make it anymore which is a shame as for the price it looks a lot more expensive than it was and it's withstood moving to 3 different homes. This was also the perfect chance to declutter my bedside table and keep things a little more simple as it was overrun by cacti and beauty products. Of course, there is still a bounty of bedside beauty treats within arms reach but now there is enough room to also store the books I'm reading and planning to read. 


Adding artwork to my walls is one of my favourite ways to change up the way my space looks. You can find them at every price point which is great for those on a budget and I like to house mine in frames that I find in charity shops to add a little bit of variance to my very white bedroom. I've got a couple of new editions, one from the talented Ettavee* and one from the Pastel Trail*. The guys over at the Pastel Trial were kind enough to give me the opportunity to run a giveaway for one of you guys to win a print of your choice from their Etsy store. This giveaway is open internationally and to enter you just need to leave a comment below. 

Statement Furniture

I guess you could say I play things pretty safe with my furniture choices, everything is white and pretty simple in terms of design. My desk chair is something that I've been really struggling with ever since I started to work from home and I've never managed to quite get it right until now. Again, Homebase* were kind enough help me out by providing me with the Hygena Charlie Chair*. If you've got a keen eye for furniture design you will know that this is a replica of the classic Eames chair which is a style that I absolutely adore but definitely don't have the budget for. I love the simplistic yet somewhat industrial design of this piece as it adds a little bit of an edge to my otherwise very feminine room. In terms of comfort, it's the best I've ever had for my desk as the seat is padded and I've added a blanket from Primark so the back is a little softer on my spine. It gives me a lot more support than I'm used to and makes me sit up straight as over the years my posture has become quite poor so hopefully this will help me out a little. Nice and functional desk chairs are quite difficult to find, but I think this has met my needs perfectly and I'm smitten with the design. 


A classic staple for any room during A/W is candles and you can either spend £1 or £40 on them but no matter what the price they make a beautiful addition to any space. You can either make them into a big statement by collecting a lot of pillar candles together which is something I'm still itching to do or just dot them around. Some of my favourite places to pick up candles are Primark, IKEA, Diptyque, Jo Malone and TK Maxx and by upcycling the jars you get a pretty makeup brush holder out of them too. 

How do you like to switch up your space?

R x

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