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As one item only beauty reviews aren't the aim of the game over on this corner of the internet it means that sometimes products fall the cracks. So I thought I would start a new segment on From Roses called 'Beauty on Trial' where I can share my thoughts of the latest beauty products that have come into my life and shine some light on them. 

ACCESSORIZE BEAUTY*: The brand have recently completely revamped their entire beauty line and I was pretty blown away with not only the adorable packaging but the overall quality of the products. Of course, as they are a store that mainly sell accessories nd clothing you probably wouldn't expect the beauty line to be all that good but there has clearly been a lot of thought behind this revamp and they've come out with some awesome products. My  favourites are the primer*, nail polishes* (particularly the reds), chubby lip crayon* and tame me brow shaper*. Everything mentioned is below the £10 price tag so it's similar to brands like Rimmel in terms of price and the standard is just as good. There will definitely be a few of their products popping up in future posts so keep your eyes peeled. 

FRESH SUGAR ORIGINAL LIP TREATMENT: Of course, you guys know how crazy I am about the tinted Fresh balms but I've only just got my hands on the original. It's just as good as I had hoped and pretty much the only balm I've been reaching for to give a helping hand to my parched lips. The formulation is thick and balmy so within minutes you feel instant relief from any dryness and it's the perfect overnight option. Even though I think it's wonderful, for the price the Nuxe Reve De Miel is a better option to go for as it's much cheaper. 

OSKIA SKINCARE*: A brand that has been on my radar for quite a while and their products come highly praised from the beauty community. I'm currently trying out the Renaissance Cleansing Gel* and the Get Up & Glow Serum*, my skin has been going through a rough patch as the seasons are changing and these two have been adding a lot of life back into my dull complexion. Out of the two that I'm currently testing I have to say the Get Up & Glow Serum* is my favourite as it's like liquid light to the skin whilst being incredibly lightweight with an almost water-like formula. Their products are incredibly expensive, but as they are created using the best of the best in terms of ingredients it's easy to understand why. Stay tuned for Thursday's post to hear more thoughts on Oskia. 

KORE PEARL OPTIMAL REPAIR CREAM*: Within the past couple of weeks I've completely changed my skincare routine apart from a couple of staple items. Like I've mentioned my skin completely freaked out with the change of weather so I've had a lot of blemishes erupt which happens every season so I've needed a little more from my moisturiser. Enter the Kore Pearl Optimal Repair Cream*, as the name suggests it works at repairing most skin dilemmas and I've noticed a difference with how quickly my blemish scars appear to be healing. It's a thick, almost buttery moisturiser that sinks into the skin within minutes which isn't what I was expecting considering the heavy consistency. Again a pricey skincare item but as you need so little it will surpass its cost per use by a landslide and moisturiser is always something I like to spend a little more on as unlike an expensive cleanser it stays on the skin. 

SOAP & GLORY HAND DREAM SUPER CREAM: A good hand cream is hardly the most exciting beauty purchase but something I find necessary day to day. My hands seem to be incredibly dry at the moment, especially around my nails so I need something that will help with the dryness without leaving them a greasy mess as a slimy keyboard is not something I want. The S&G Hand Dream has been sat in my beauty stash for a while and I'm sad it's taken me this long to give it a go, it makes the S&G Hand Food look dire in comparison and that's an awesome hand cream. It's incredibly hydrating but it sinks in within seconds and it has that classic S&G scent that we've all come to know and love. I use it throughout the day and overnight too and my hands and certainly looking a lot healthier than they have done in months. 

ANTIPODES SKINCARE*: See, I'm not exaggerating when I say I've really switched up my skincare routine. Antipodes make one of my all time favourite deep cleansing masks so I was super excited to give more of their products a go. As I'd reached the end of all my hyaluronic acid products I was really starting to miss that extra boost of hydration in my routine until the Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum* came into my possession. Now this doesn't actually contain hyaluronic acid but it gives me incredibly similar results which is awesome but there is a big downside to this product and that is the scent. There is no way I can deny that this smells like vomit which isn't a pleasant experience when you're massaging it into your skin. Aside from the vulgar scent this does make my skin look incredibly plump and healthy which during the colder months is something that I certainly lack so is perfect for the upcoming season. 

What beauty products have been testing recently?

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