5 High-End Brands To Try

Over the past couple of years, I've become a real sucker for high-end beauty. Even though I'll always be a high street girl at heart there is something so special about luxury products that makes applying it just that little more lovely. However, the world of high-end brands can be a minefield to battle through so today I'm sharing 5 of my new favourites to shop. 


Chances are when a makeup artist creates their own line they're going to produce a pretty incredible one. It took me a little while to try out her products as they had so much hype in the blogging world. Often it can be difficult to decipher hype from genuine praise. One of my favourite things about Charlotte Tilbury is that the products can be shopped in looks. So if you're not a big makeup fanatic but you've got a taste for luxury products it makes it seriously easy to pick up an entire look. Of course, the products are pricey but I truly believe you do get something a little more exquisite. From the formulas to the packaging, everything is beautiful. 

TRY: Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil, Champagne Diamonds*Cheek to Chic Blusher, Love Glow*Lip Cheat Lip Liner Pencil, Pink Venus* and K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick, Coachella Coral*


This brand was founded in the 90's by two beauty lovers who were bored of the grunge trend. They wanted to bring out a line that was unapologetically feminine and they did just that. Everything about their products screams girliness which initially sucked me in. The packaging and branding of Too Faced are both beautiful, it's got that retro edge with a hint of sophistication. I think often products with packaging in this genre are overlooked on quality but everything I've used always delivers both. Whenever I see a new release I know that they're bringing something different to the table. [Hello eyeshadows that smell like chocolate?]. Something that you couldn't find from another beauty counter which is what makes them so unique. 


Whenever a brand does both skincare and makeup I feel like there is always one area that is weaker than the other but not with Clarins. Sadly they always seemed to be deemed as an older person's brand but I don't think that at all. Especially in recent years they've really updated their product range to appeal to a younger audience. There might not be any obnoxious colours but for the beauty lovers who love classic fail-safe products, I think Clarins is an amazing brand to shop from.


I truly cannot wait for Tarte to properly be launched in the UK. I think they offer so much variance in their products as they tend to focus on ingredients and quality rather than chasing the latest beauty trends. When reading the history of the brand, I felt so inspired to hear the story of why and how it was created. If you're passionate about cruelty-free beauty I cannot think of a better brand to shop from. One of their main aims when creating products is that they last and that's the biggest selling point of Tarte products for me. I know that they will last all day even in the blistering summer heat. 

TRY: Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush FoundationAmazonian Clay 12-Hour BlushAmazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 and Tartelette Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush


Liz Earle has been a fail safe skincare brand for me for years. Their classic cleanse & polish was the first 'real' cleanser that I ever used and it's still got a firm place in my routine 5 years later. Compared to most high-end brands their products sit at the lower end of the price scale which makes them so much more obtainable than oils that go into the hundreds. Whilst their skincare products are well loved their beauty line isn't something I hear about often. Which is a shame because their products are lovely and their perfumes are something truly quite special and different to what else is on the market. 

What are your favourite high end brands to shop from?

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