Introducing The Advertisers #23

After a slow and steady January, it's finally time to share the latest round up of advertisers. I've got some great bloggers to share with you in today's post and without further rambling here they are. 


It was such a pleasure to get to know Freya from the blog Nishaantishu in this full length interview [here]. Keep up to date with Freya on;

Coming from Carly, Carly Wynn is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. The fashion content that Carly curates is awesome, it always feature outfits that us regular girls would actually wear on a day to day basis. As she currently resides in Edinburgh you get a real taste of what you need to wear to stay warm and still look pretty chic. Her post on what she has learned in 2015 was such an awesome read and I found myself nodding along the whole way. Keep up to date with Carly over on; 

Blushingkay is written by the awesome Khaira. Her blog covers an array of topics from beauty to motivational content and it's so easy to get sucked in to her posts. Her latest post on her relationship story and the tale of her & Don's engagement made my heart sing. Seeing long distance relationships work out so well is always so amazing to me. You can keep up to date with Khaira over on;  

A blog written by awesome 30 something Quennie, Mrs James Recommends is a blog all about beauty with the odd lifestyle post thrown in for good measure. I absolutely love the content that Quennie produces, it's always of a high quality and her writing never fails to put a smile on my face as you can really get a sense of who she is as a person through her posts. Her post on her life resolutions and the 10 people that no-one needs in their life was a fantastic read. Keep up to date with Quennie on; 

The WNB is a lifestyle based blog that is about work and creating a positive attitude written by Louise. She not only aims to create a positive message about work she also drives to provide awesome ideas for life outside your 9-5. I love the message that The What Now Blog promotes, being happy in your job is something that is so important in life. It's not just about work though there is such a wide variance of posts to get lost in. Be sure to follow Louise on;

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