5 Hydration Heavyweights


We all know that we're in the season where we have to amp up our moisture levels. And it's all too easy to believe that means slathering a thick rich cream onto the skin and hoping for the best. But over the years, and my skin always freaking out and feeling like it's going to crack if I dare to use my facial muscles I've learnt there are many ways to give the skin the hydration that it desperately wants without going for the obvious options. It's particularly chilly here right now, as I type this there are a good few inches of snow on the ground which means I've got to reach for my hydration heavyweights. 



Although cleansers are quite low on the list of exciting beauty products for me I know the importance of them and the difference that they can make on the skin. I've been using the Simple Water Boost Micellar Water* to remove any makeup and it's fantastic. It's even better than beauty blogger favourite Garnier Micellar water. It's so kind and hydrating to the skin yet it's still able to remove every scrap of product on the skin. And when I want a super quick cleanse in the morning I've been reaching for the Decleor Micellar Oil*. It removes makeup as well as cleanses but because it's an oil it really boosts moisture levels in the skin. I used to be absolutely terrified of oils, in any capacity but now I adore them and they're something that I reach for frequently. They don't disrupt the balance of my skin, quite the opposite actually they keep it balanced. Oil cleansers are so good when you just want something that does it all regardless of what you've got on your skin. And if you're feeling the all-natural route you can use coconut oil for this purpose.


PIXI & CAROLINE HIRONS DOUBLE CLEANSE*: This has probably been my favourite cleanser discovery of the year. I absolutely adore it and whilst I'm still pretty miffed the packaging is little to be desired and pretty dysfunctional I adore what the product inside is. If there is one way to add moisture in to your routine it's with this is and it's not so hydrating that it leaves your skin feeling slippy and greasy. The thick solid balm melts away any makeup with ease and then the second step which is a lightly whipped cream hydrates and comforts the skin whilst making sure everything is removed from the complexion. It's not fancy and full of empty promises but it is a great simple product.



These two products are what many people go to for that extra hit of hydration. I've been reaching for two options lately that might not be the most obvious choices but they're absolutely great. First up, after using an exfoliating toner the IS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum*. It's without a doubt the most lightweight serum I have ever used, which is quite the claim but it feels almost water like on the skin. It contains everyone favourite moisture boosting ingredient hyaluronic acid as well as a few other acids. You can instantly feel this adding hydration and comfort the skin, leaving you feeling happy and plump. Not only is it amazing for adding hydration it's also perfect for when your skin is feeling a little rough and run down. Whenever I've been out in the brisk wind a little too much or going in and out of air-conditioned environments my skin can feel so aggravated and this instantly soothes it. And even though this isn't a reason to ever buy a product it's blue and it's minty fresh which makes it just that bit better in my eyes.


NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST*: When it comes to my moisturising products I have to admit I'm a little bit of a snob and typically only like products that are a little more pricey. As when products are cheaper they tend to ball up and feel like they're falling off the skin which I cannot stand. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost isn't a product that I ever thought I'd love but it's absolutely fantastic, especially during this time year where your skin may feel a little annoyed with the wind and the constant change in temperature. The hyluronic acid infused gel feels so kind and cooling on the skin which is something I like and it's so lightweight too, ideal if you're worried about something disrupting the balance of your complexion. Finding a budget-friendly mosituriser that works better than even some luxe items is always a great feeling and I think this could work for a number of different skin types. 


What are your favourite hydrating skin products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty