7 Things That I've Decluttered Lately


One of my biggest guilty pleasures in life is either watching time lapses of people cleaning in YouTube videos or finding out the things that people choose to declutter. And this year has been the year of decluttering for me, not only because I've moved house but also because my relationship with material items has changed so much. Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love things and you probably wouldn't believe me if you looked into my office but it's a big change from what I used to be like. Anyway, here are the things that I've decluttered lately from beauty products to notepads.



I harbour a deep love for paper products which is something that has been well documented on this blog. But something that I'm pretty terrible for is hanging onto notepads and storing them away. Even though I never look at them again and ultimately they're just taking up a lot of room in my desk drawers. After going through a stage of buying a lot of notepads and then receiving quite a few as gifts I had a big backlog which I've managed to work my way through so I don't have so many empty notepads laying around which is good. But now I just need to say goodbye to all the notepads that are full and not cling on to them. After all, they're just notepads...


Now I've officially cancelled my gym membership I've finally gone through all my gym clothes and bagged up a lot of pieces for charity and then anything that is ok to sell is going on the eBay/Depop pile. I had so many lovely gym pieces that I'm not getting any use out of anymore and deserve a new home as well as the fact they were taking up so much room in my drawers. As my gym clothes and my loungewear live in the same draw I had a good go through them too. I'm terrible for hanging onto loungewear until it's covered in stains and is in an absolute state but because it's still so comfortable I wear it. A lot of my sweatpants were really past their best and didn't fit me properly anymore as they'd gone so baggy from frequent wear and a few had holes in from Josie's teething stage. It feels so good to finally have that drawer sorted out and sweatpant shopping is my favourite type of shopping. 



When I finally moved all my body products over from my dad's house and laid them all out I could not believe how many I had. It will probably take me a good couple of years to get through them all but I've made a serious dent in them. Which means I've been even more militant with moisturising AM & PM to make sure I use everything up before it starts to smell. And now were in bath season I'm getting really good use out of my oils and exfoliators which I tend to skip when I'm in the shower. Body care is something I know a lot of people tend to skip but it's something that I absolutely adore as it makes me feel so much more confident in my own skin. 


Something that my boyfriend and I are terrible for is buying quite random food items in the hopes to use them for a certain meal that we never end up making. So a couple of months ago I decided I wanted to use up everything we had in our pantry. So none of those weird food items were hanging around anymore, it did lead to some questionable meals but it felt so good to start again. 


One of my all-time favourite things to buy is fresh bedding. Mostly because my bed is my absolute favourite place to be so I like to make it as nice as I possibly can. Which means over the years, since my university years actually I've acquired quite the collection of bed sheets. Going through and get rid of all the sheets that are stained and marked has been far too satisfying as I've been hanging onto them for far too long. Granted I have kept a couple for Josie's duvet in her bed as she's a sucker for a good bed set too. As well as bedding something else I seem to have an abundance of is flannels, I use a flannel every day for cleansing my skin so I do need a few but getting rid of all the ones that were a bit too used or covered in stains from facemasks has been great. Also just in case you were wondering my favourite flannels to buy are from IKEA, they're the best I've ever found.


What are your favourite things to declutter?

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