5 Ways To Have A Great Week After A Bad One

We all have terrible weeks. Where nothing feels like it's going right or to plan and it can be pretty frustrating. It can leave you feeling totally downtrodden and exhausted. When a new week rolls around it's the perfect chance to try and do everything in your power to have the best week you can. And here are 5 of my favourite ways to do that. 


How often do we let crappy days or weeks transcend into something they don't need to? If you're like me, probably far too often. Leaving the past in the past is hard but it's so important. It's very rare that anything positive can happen from bringing up things that have already passed. As cliche as it is, we're given a fresh start every day and it's important to make the most of it. Even just telling yourself when you wake up that you're going to have an awesome day is a step in the right direction. 


Being properly prepared for something can make you feel like you can take on the world. Getting everything in order like finances, admin, work and everything else the night before is super important. It also makes it's easier on your mind when you don't have anything unnecessary weighing on it. 


Feeling properly rested can play a huge roll in how you feel. Which is completely obvious but it's so easy to forget. If you've had a rubbish week take the time to rest up. Say no to that social event that you're not bothered about going to which will probably only add to your bad mood. And take some time to yourself and do all the things that you love. It could be something small like curling up with your favourite book or giving yourself a fresh manicure and pedicure. 

be optImistic

Something I'm always trying to work on is my optimism. Whilst I don't think it's wise to live with your head in the clouds it's so important to live each day with faith. It's especially hard to keep that open mind when you've had a bad week. But without it, you'll just live in a pit of despair. Which puts a dampener on absolutely anything that comes your way. 


It doesn't have to be anything huge but giving yourself something to look forward mid-week can be a huge motivation. It could something as small as treating yourself to a takeaway or buying a bag of fruit pastilles on your weekly food shop. Or if you really hate Tuesdays because you always have a meeting on that day why not treat yourself at the end of it by going to see a friend or picking up a new book to read? Having something to look forward to or work towards in any situation is awesome. 

How do you come back after a bad week?

R x

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