Why I Want To Do Something Different & Be Helpful In The Blogging World

Do you ever get those niggling feelings that just won't go away no matter how hard you try and shake them off? For the past few months, there has been this constant thought that has been stuck in the back of my mind when it comes to blogging. Today I want to talk about how I really want to do something different and be helpful in the blogging world. 

Having a large interest in beauty and style has always made me feel like I need to go down a certain path when it comes to blogging. Even though I know there is no set way of how to do it. It's all too easy to get sucked into the trap. As much as I love dreamy white interiors, new perfume releases and having a clean Instagram feed. I feel like there is something missing. Whilst I wouldn't consider myself to be a selfish person I definitely don't do anything to really help others and that's something I want to change. I want to try and do something online that could really be of value or help to other people. Even though sharing my opinion of my favourite blusher is something I find really fun I don't think I'm putting anything of real value into the online world. 

In June, I'll have been doing this blogging thing for 5 years. Those years have been wonderful and I'm really proud of my blog and where it is today. I'm so passionate about the online world because I think there are so many positives that can come from it. So many people have become such huge influences, especially on the younger generation so surely something good should be coming from it? But so often it's nothing but negativity. The online world is so fraught with tension all the time and it feels like we're just so against each other. 

Because behind all the blogs, how often do we think about the people behind them and if they're actually ok? Writing about beauty and pretty interiors doesn't instantly make you totally A-OK as a person. I don't think there is a positive environment for people to share their struggles anymore online And on a daily basis how many of us are battling with something but we're too scared to speak up because we fear hearing things like; 

  • Get over it, it's not that bad. 
  • There are people out there who are so much worse than you. 
  • You should be grateful this is your only problem.
  • That's not a 'real' problem.

Sharing something you're really struggling with is brave, whoever you're sharing it with. It's all too easy to try and ignore things and act like they don't exist. Until they keep become so severe that you can no longer ignore them. Often people turn to the online world of blogging or vlogging as an escape from all the things that are causing them distress. It seems like a much more relatable option than talking to someone older or trying to get help from an extremely strained system. But, how often do we see someone with a prolific following admit that they're having a hard time only to be greeted with a whirlwind of negativity? It's all too often and it's probably only something that is going to get worse. 

Just because someone isn't going through absolute hell doesn't mean their problem isn't important. So often I think people are falling through the cracks of society and fading away because of the fear they won't be taken seriously. We never know someone's true personal situation, we don't know that they have people supporting them in real life. So why wouldn't we want the online world to be an awesome place where people feel like they can be welcomed? The blogging world has got an awful reputation for itself and how negative it is. Sometimes just knowing that you're not alone in something could make or break someone's day. I really want there to be a place online that is safe for people to visit, where they won't be fear being judged by others and they feel like they're in a positive environment. A place where they can talk to people in a similar age group to them who might be facing the same struggles and feel alone as well. Where they can connect to like-minded individuals without all the negativity that the blogging world is surrounded by on a daily basis.  

The reality behind this entire post is that I'm one girl. One girl with a photography degree and a blog, that's it. My many years of working in retail and bars aren't going to aid me in this. I have absolutely no experience or knowledge of where to start with this something like this. But it's not something that I want to stop me from at least trying to do something different online. So this is where I turn to you. I want to know what you think we could do in the online world do to make a difference for your everyday girl or boy who feels like they're struggling. And not getting everything they could out of life because they're dealing with something on a daily basis that is really affecting them. 

This is post is filled with optimism and wishful thinking, I know. And maybe something or maybe nothing will come from this. But there is no way of ever making a change if you don't take at least one step in the right direction. So this is me saying I really want to try and make a change and create an online space where people could feel safe and welcome. 

R x

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