5 Ways To Use Your Stationery Productively

We all know my love for stationery goes a little further than most. But something I'm very conscious of is actually putting all those pretty notepads to good use. Being a wasteful person isn't something I ever purposely want to be so I try to make sure everything I own is used at some point or another. So today I wanted to share with you how to make the most out of your stationery and use it in the most productive way possible. 


Just like anything I purchase before I hand my card over I always ask myself why I'm buying it and does it have a purpose in my life? During my emotional shopper days barely anything I bought had any purpose and just laid collecting dust for years. When out and about it's all too tempting to pick up a new pretty notepad because it's there and it's nice. However, unless you've got a use for it then you don't need to part with your hard earned cash. Giving your stationery items a dedicated purpose means you're not only going to use them more but nothing is wasted. 


Some people work well in chaos. I'm not one of those people and if things aren't neat and tidy I will procrastinate and more often than not getting nothing done. Same goes for notepads, keeping things in order and getting rid of things like scrappy pieces of paper and pages full of scribbles is important. Neither are nice to be surrounded by and don't encourage productivity. 


My day used to revolve around my to-do list and I became so reliant on them that I could barely function without one. To-do lists are wonderful and I write them on a daily basis but sometimes it's all too easy for them to get out of hand. They should be there to help you throughout the day and keep you on track. Not be so strict and structured that you're scared to do something else. 


I don't need any excuse to pick a new pen or two. Things like coloured pens, washi tape and stickers are all fun little things that you can add into the pages of your notepads. They're also great ways to keep yourself organised by using different colours for a number of tasks. If you're feeling really fancy organising your to-do list in order of importance with different coloured pens can be a big spark for getting things done.


Something I've been learning more and more about is bullet journaling. All you need is a plain notepad and a pen. It can be your to-do list, diary, sketchbook and anything else you might want it to be. The system goes quite an in-depth with symbols but if you just fancy rapid logging it's more headings, topics, short sentences and bullets. Personally, I like having different notepads for different things but if you're not one of these people I think this is an awesome method to adopt. 

How do you use your stationery to it's full potential?

R x 

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