An Interview With Abi From The Snug Blog

I'm super excited to share today's interview with you. I'm chatting with the lovely Abi from the Snug blog. 

Tell us a little more about yourself Abi? 

I’m Abigail; a blogger, baker and avid avoider of adulthood. I live in South London at the moment but originally hail from Norfolk, which is where I sneak off when city life gets a bit much. I’m a very nostalgic sort of person and am obsessed with period dramas, curiosities and big chunky books. I have a tendency to reflect on everything; travel, the concept of growing up, relationships, the past, nature – a myriad of things! I work hard in my day job and have a restless brain that dances around a list of priorities, including Netflix, the cat that sits on my garden wall, baking, Tom Hardy and washi tape. Not in that order…

 What was it that got you into blogging? 

I’d love to say that I had a profound ‘coming of age’ experience that drove me towards blogging, but that would be telling a huge fib. I was studying for a masters degree in eighteenth century literature and started blogging as a result of major procrastination. Don’t get me wrong, I loved writing about the socio-political climate surrounding Mr. Darcy’s breeches, but I also needed a hobby that used a different side of my brain. Blogging incorporated writing, researching and photography in a way that was far more personal and enjoyable to me than my academic writing. That, and it was afar better use of my time than binge watching ‘Dance Moms’… 

Can you tell us a little more about your blog? 

When I left Norfolk and moved to London I was desperate to knit my two lives together. ‘Snug’ gave me the platform to do just that. Before, I had been blogging under a different name with no real direction, ethos or engagement. I found a place on the internet where I felt comfortable and constantly inspired by other women, a similar age to me, who led exciting, unique and fiercely independent lives. Snug is an online scrapbook of my life between Norfolk and London and incorporates my reflections, explorations and ambitions as a 23 year old today.

 Apart from running your awesome blog what do you get up to?

In my day job I teach English literature to teenagers, so consider that to be my biggest day-by-day challenge! It has always been hugely important for me to actively help others, especially young people, get a better chance at a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Literature and stories has always been the key for me, so I aim to provide the same opportunity for teenagers. When I’m not teaching or blogging, I’m usually daydreaming about future adventures, however big or small. Trying out a new restaurant, planning a hike up the Surrey hills, making up new sugar-free bakes or finding the most remote campsite in Wales. I want to do, see, read and eat everything.

What keeps you inspired when you hit a slump?

Reading widely and seeking new experiences always drives me back to the keyboard. I take my camera everywhere and the resultant photos almost form a storyboard for my next blog post. The camera lens channels my thoughts into a certain perspective and helps me focus on new content in a natural way. I’ve also recently turned to magazines, such as Frankie, Oh Comely and Flow, as they’re such a rich source of ideas. Magazines don’t lend themselves to distraction either, as I’ll so often end up watching cat videos on YouTube if left to the devices of the internet.

What’s life like in London compared to Norfolk?

London involves a lot more public transport compared to Norfolk. I spend my life on trains! In Norfolk, people are generally a lot friendlier and the most stressful experience you can have is getting stuck behind a tractor. In London, there are people everywhere. I still can’t get over the sheer amount of people. Then again, the best things about both places are also the worst. The countryside and coast in Norfolk are beautifully relaxing, but there isn’t so much going on for young people. In London, being ‘too busy’ seems to be the ultimate life goal, but there’s so much to do you can see why sitting at home with a cup of tea in frowned upon. 

How do you juggle everything, working, blogging etc?

I go through spates of successfully juggling everything and then not managing at all! Using my free time productively has been a major lifestyle change for me. Whereas I would have spent three hours watching ‘Pretty Little Liars’ in bed, I now spend just one and will write the copy for a new blog post instead. Splitting my tasks into chunks has also been a good move. Planning the post, taking photographs, editing, writing and promoting all happen on separate days so that I can still spend time doing ‘normal person’ things. Realistic timeframes keep work and blogging enjoyable.

What are your favourite things about blogging?

I mentioned before that I’m a reflective person, and blogging has definitely contributed to my own identity and wellbeing. Blogging opened the doors to a community of inspiring and fiercely unique people, who taught me that there is no right way to be a 23 year old, but you can have tons of fun figuring that out yourself. I didn’t think it was possible to make real, fulfilling connections with people on the internet (I’m a product of 00’s ‘everyone on the internet is a weirdo’ education), but blogging has proven me wrong. It’s hugely creative, which I absolutely love. I’m sensing a change in the blogging world and see the platform diversifying in the near future.

Some of Your current favourites?

I decided to go paleo for January and am loving cooking with coconut oil and flour alternatives, such as chestnut and hazelnut flour. I have a friend who owns bees and have been using raw honey as a sweetener in baking – seriously yum! I’ve been getting little bits to make our rented house more homely and love Rifle Paper Co. for their folk-inspired, floral prints. I take quite literally years to change my skincare routine, but the Boots Botanics Rosewater Tonic is a favourite for refreshing my skin in the morning – it smells gorgeous too.

What are some of your favourite blogs at the moment?

For serious #bloggoals, Me & Orla is a favourite. Her Instagram is ethereal and her little brood tucked in the Yorkshire hills sends pangs of countryside lust into my soul! Alphabeth is a blog I will constantly visit and her thoughts and book recommendations are so in line with mine. The Tea Drinking English Rose is one of the first blogs I subscribed too and I still vociferously read her posts with as much enjoyment as I did a few years ago.

What is to come on your blog in the future?

I am unexpectedly heading off on a few short city breaks in the next few months, and will be scribbling about my first impressions of Lisbon, Amsterdam and the Ionian Islands. I always have a focus on local culture and food – the cheaper the better! I want to capture the outdoors more, so camping in the British countryside, getting lost in the woods and attempting to grow vegetables in my tiny London garden will also feature on Snug soon. I have spent the past 18 months developing my own brand of candles and hope to have them for sale online by the end of the year. This, combined with a few behind-the-scenes projects, means that Snug is going to be an exciting little place to be!

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