6 Awesome New Podcasts I've Listened To Lately

I'm really back into podcasts at the moment as I'm back to dog walking life which is absolute bliss when it's not pouring it down with rain. So I've finally been working my through my to listen list which was pretty lengthy and I've been seeking out some new podcasts to listen to. And I thought I'd share some of my favourite discoveries with you today.


I'm sure you've more than likely heard of At Home With which is a podcast from Anna Newton [The Anna Edit] and Lily Pebbles. The premise of this podcast is that Lily & Anna visit some of their favourite people industry in their home setting and have a chat with them covering everything from beauty to running your own business. A little bit of a side note but I think this would work amazingly well as a visual podcast but of course, the logistics of that would be incredibly hard. But even as an audio thing only it's such an enjoyable listen and they've had some truly amazing guests on from fellow content creators to pioneers of the beauty industry. 


If you're into the world of YouTube I'm sure you might have heard of Meghan Rienks, I wasn't familiar with her until I listened to a podcast with her and Grace Helbig and thought she seemed like a super interesting person. And after getting way too lost in the archives of her YouTube channel I discovered that she'd started a podcast. It's like an agony aunt podcast where people call in and leave answer phone messages and Meghan responds to them with advice. It's a little bit of a guilty pleasure listen to me if I'm completely honest as it's just so easy to have on in the background. But I can't lie some of the things that people call in with are absolutely hilarious.


Another podcast from a couple of YouTubers is Crash On My Couch which has been created by, Will Derbyshire & Arden Rose. I think I've mentioned it before but it's a podcast that I always enjoy, I love that they have little segments that they visit that week and some of my favourite episodes have been where they talk about conspiracy theories. Typically I don't listen to podcasts that have two people presenting it and it does change the dynamic slightly as you feel like your part of the conversation. This isn't a super hard hitting podcast and another one to listen to if you just want something easy going to have on in the background but still well worth a listen. 


I wasn't quite sure what to expect when Estée Lalonde announced that she was releasing a podcast but it's absolutely fantastic. So far only the pilot has been released and it has been without a doubt one of the best podcasts I've listened to in months in terms of how it's produced. I can't really explain how it's been put together but it's so different to other podcasts out there so I suggest you just give it a listen. The Heart Of It surrounds all the topics that Estée feels passionately about and the first one was all about protests which was a fascinating listen. I'm so excited for more episodes to be released as if they're anything like the pilot they're going to be amazing.


Homo Sapiens is a podcast from Will Young and Christopher Sweeney where they chat to their guest of choice about everything and anything that represent the interests of the LGBTQ+ community. This is such an interesting listen as it covers topical issues from a completely different perspective and I'm such a huge believer that it's integral to educate yourself as much as possible on how other people go through life and the challenges that they face.


A podcast from Glamour magazine that I initially listened to as one of the presenters Jo Elvin had been on the At Home With podcast and then I saw that they had their own and thought it was more than likely worth the listen. They have some really incredible ladies on their podcast where they chat about from anything to career to mental health. What I love about this podcast the most is that it's a really honest chat amongst women, there is none of this brave face rubbish and they're not afraid to say how it really is. I particularly loved the episode with Caitlin Moran as she's one of my favourite ladies out there and I will never get enough of her just talking as she's just got such a brilliant outlook on life.

What podcasts have you been listening to lately?