Beauty & Style Uniform: August

Believe it or not, we are now August although the weather makes me feel like we're in Autumn already, much to my dismay. I'm a total Summer girl and I'm going to lap up the remainder of the warm weather that is going to hopefully arrive. And here is what outfits I'm going to be donning and the makeup I'm going to be using in the next 30 days.


It's really not been very warm in the UK lately and the rain has been pretty relentless. I'm hoping that there are some more sunny days on the horizon as I'm not ready to wave goodbye to my pretty dresses just yet. A few style essentials for this month will be;






I've been breaking up my typical colour palette a lot lately, mostly because I've been wearing different coloured denim which has been a fun avenue to explore. Typically I stick to dark shades like black but in the past few weeks, I've been reaching for traditional blue denim and a dark olive green too. My top selection is nothing out of the ordinary for me as I don't really step too far away from my Bretons or slogan tees. Coat wise I'm definitely sticking to my leather jacket when the weather is ok and then when it's raining I've been reaching for my rain coat. Which has to be one of the best purchases I 've made in a while as it's so lightweight that I don't end up overheating in the muggy heat but it keeps me warm enough when it's breezy. Then a few misc items are a striped dress which is a classic in my wardrobe and always so easy to throw on and then a pair of black denim shorts. I purchased them a couple of years ago and they're so comfortable and something I come back to time and time again.


As I've still not been reunited with all my products and I'm still living out of makeup bag there isn't a whole lot of choice when it comes to my August makeup menu. But there a few things that I see myself using throughout the month; 


TOO FACED HANGOVER PRIMER: My skin is really clear at the moment and the texture of it is great but I've really been craving an extra boost of moisture. Maybe it's because the weather has been all over the place which is usually when my skin looks a little lack lustre so this has been a wonderful little boost. It's a hydrating primer that really perks up the complexion even when it looks absolutely dire. It's got the texture of a moisturiser so feels super comforting but it still keeps your base looking fresh all day. 

MAKEUP FOR EVER ULTRA HD FOUNDATION*: If you hadn't noticed by how many times I've mentioned this base lately I'm pretty obsessed with it. I adore how it sits on my skin in combination with the Too Faced primer and it provides such a beautiful flawless finish whilst still looking pretty natural. I've always liked this base but there is just something about it at the moment that I really can't get enough of and whilst it still matches my skin tone it's probably the only thing I'll be reaching for. 

TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: Always a staple in my routine no matter what, it keeps my shadows from smudging and smearing around my eyes as well as keeping them put all day. I'm so sad that they appeared to have discontinued this. 

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATION MASCARA*: An old classic that I was so in love with a couple of years ago and I'm so glad to have it back in my stash. It lengthens, adds lift and volume and is amazing for separating the lashes. I forgot just how good it is for staying put on the lashes too, it has the staying power of something that's waterproof but without the ridiculously hard to budge formula. It's without a doubt the best budget mascara out there and also the brush is really fantastic for gripping all the lashes so you don't have to put that much work in. 


BOURJOIS RADIANCE REVEAL CONCEALER*: I hadn't been bothered by an under eye concealer in a while but this was one that I'd heard a lot of good things about. It's thick and creamy enough to conceal anything and as it's peach it corrects any unsightly tones. I always worry about things creasing under the eye but this injects moisture too. 

STILA KITTEN ALL OVER SHIMMER DUO*: I'm not quite sure this is meant to be used as an eyeshadow but that's how I've been using it. This is one of the only somewhat peach toned eyeshadows that I've used and really loved. I mean it's nothing too different from what I usually wear but it's still a nice subtle change, especially when I'm a little more tanned. The formulation of these powders from Stila are absolutely beautiful, soft and buttery and not any fall out when on the lid which is pretty amazing. 

NARS CREAMY CONCEALER*: It takes a lot to tear me away from my beloved bareMinerals concealer and I was sceptical about this but it's a really fabulous product. It's a thick full coverage concealer but it's creamy enough that it's easy enough to work with and blend into the complexion seamlessly and it never creases around blemishes. This is everything that I wanted the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer to be but that just turned into a cakey mess on my complexion and this sits beautifully all day.

STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR IN PEONY*: The formulation of these blushes has been a favourite of mine for years but the shade Peony is somewhat of a new love. It's a dusky deepish pink that just looks absolutely beautiful on the skin and as it's quite dirty in tone it's almost sculpting. I adore the formulation of these blushes from Stila, they're truly wonderful. They're so soft and creamy that they're super easy to blend into the complexion but they're not so creamy that they just slide off the skin. If you've ever wanted to use a cream blush but you're too scared these are a wonderful starting point.

What beauty & style items are you going to be reaching for this August? 

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