6 Beauty Routines I'm Trying To Get Into The Habit Of


Once upon a time, I had a seriously great beauty routine and then life got in the way and I quickly became lazy and developed some bad habits. Habits that I’m sure we can all relate to but I’m currently trying to make myself some awesome new routines and kick those bad habits to the back of the bathroom cupboard.

  1. USE HAND CREAM Twice a day

Hand cream is something I have absolutely no excuse not to use daily especially now the formulations are so good and never leave you with sticky mitts. I have so many tubes laying around and the fact that I have a rather gross habit of ripping the skin off the side of my fingers means it’s something that I need to help repair the area that I've somewhat destroyed with my anxious habit. Hand cream is something that I find helps a lot with my cuticles too as they tend to easily get overgrown and regularly moisturising stops that issue.



A few months or so ago I had got into a really good habit of using a facemask every time I had a bath which was great and my skin was absolutely loving it. It felt and looked in brilliant condition and now I’ve got out of the habit of doing it I can see the congestion rearing its ugly head once again. Now I’m getting a little older I can see the texture of skin changing a little and I’d like to keep it as smooth as I possibly can. My go-to mask is a mixture of something deep cleansing and brightening but I’m also rather partial to an overnight moisture mask as they’re the ultimate lazy girl skincare essential.


The reason I don’t use hair masks more is simply out of laziness and not wanting to wait around for them to work their magic. There are a few masks that get to work fast and those are always my favourites because in reality who has 20 minutes to add onto their bath just for their conditioner to get to work? A more natural solution to keeping my hair in tip-top condition would be to use something like coconut oil but you do have to be careful when using this as it does require a minimum of two washes to get it all out. Before I had my venture to the blonde side my hair was in brilliant condition which made the need for the masks minimal but now my hair has had a few rounds of bleach it does feel the need for a little more TLC.


My brows have become somewhat a sense of annoyance at this point. A few years ago I wanted to revive them after years and years of overplucking but since that point, I’ve not really known what to do them so I’ve just left them to do their own thing. And I’m not someone who is crazy into their brows but I would like them to be a little more groomed than they are right now. Part of me just wants to tidy them up myself but the thing is I find about doing my brows myself is that it’s all too easy to get carried away so I might leave this job up to the professionals.


I think after years of having spot prone skin it made medium to full coverage bases a safety net for me. Even though there are a few lightweight bases that I absolutely love using I still find myself reaching for the more full coverage options out of habit more than necessity. Whenever I sit down to apply my makeup I always think to myself today is the day that I’m going to try and do something different but I always end up doing the same thing as I’m such a sucker for routine and don’t like to stray too far from the combination of products that I know make me feel awesome. I want to challenge myself to switch it up a little more when it comes to my base and go for some of my tinted moisturisers or just a foundation stick by itself instead of in combination with something else.


One of the areas of my life that really needs improvement when it comes to being more eco-friendly is my beauty routine. I already use a flannel for washing my face and recycle anything that I can but I still find myself going through a lot of cotton rounds which I hate, it feels so incredibly wasteful. I’ve seen a few people share their reusable cotton round suggestions and they really do look wonderful but I think part of me just worries how well they will work in combination with my favourite products or if they’re going to become stained and disgusting within just a few uses. So I’m hoping this is one that you guys might be able to help me out with and if you have any good recommendations that are tried and tested then I’d love to know. Something else that I really want to try is shampoo bars for my hair as it’s something that I’ve been using on the dogs as of late and they really are fantastic and much better than any other dog shampoo I've used. So again if you have any recommendations for shampoo bars then I’d love to hear them.



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