Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen List #9


Happy Friday and happy summer too, we’re officially now in the warm season so all we can hope is that the weather gets the memo and does what it’s meant to do rather than another few weeks of rain. Seriously, I’m not sure my brain can handle any more rain. The only thing the bad weather has been good for though is my research when it comes to these posts as there hasn’t been much else to do but go through my Bloglovin feed and Netflix. And here is everything that I’ve been reading, watching and listening to lately for you to hopefully enjoy too.

  • We finally watched Dead To Me and it was absolutely brilliant, so excited for season 2.

  • We watched that episode of Black Mirror with Miley Cyrus and I cannot get that damn song out of my head.

  • I’ve been pretty obsessed with Brittany Bathgate’s venture into vlogging.

  • We’re going old school and making our way through the Final Destination movies and even though they’re pretty terrible it makes me reminiscent of that era of film.

  • I’m still making my way though Gilmore Girls and I’m now into the college years and forget how much I disliked Jess by the end.

  • The episode of Happy Mum Happy Baby with Caitlin Moran is an absolute must listen.

  • If you’ve ever had to deal with the issue of copycats online then Jen and Sara discussed it in their latest episode of Letters From A Hopeful Creative.

  • I’ve been going through my indie Spotify playlist and rediscovering my love for The 1975.

  • And Lorde, her first album was SO good.

  • As well as the band Honne, if you want something to listen to whilst you’re working I highly suggest giving them a listen.

  • If you’ve not read Feminist’s Don’t Wear Pink And Other Lies from the amazing Scarlett Curtis than I highly suggest you do.

  • Katy’s recent post on Why Freelancing Wasn’t For Me was an incredible read.

  • This illustration from Brooke Barker on A Cup Of Jo brightened my day.

  • Michelle wrote a really awesome honest post about her somewhat recent transition to veganism, an inspiring relatable read.

  • I’m seriously tempted to open a Monzo account after reading this from The Anna Edit, anyone got one?

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