6 Shows I've Loved On Netflix Lately


Not too long ago, I fell a little out of love with Netflix. Nothing seemed to be catching my eye and didn't find myself watching anything worth talking about. But lately, due to needing to stay inside a little more to keep the dogs safe in the heatwave. I've found myself flicking through and discovering some new things to binge my way through and here are some of my favourites. 


13 reasons why season 2

 The first season of 13 Reasons Why was a big hit last year so the second season was eagerly anticipated. It's a hard show to watch covering subjects like rape, eating disorders, sexual abuse, suicide, self-harm and a whole host of other gritty subjects. The second season was better than the first for me, it was incredibly hard to view at times but sadly the things shown on screen are things that happen daily. The show came under a lot of criticism for this but some people need to see these things to realise that they do happen. As this show does cover such serious topics it is important to take that into consideration when watching and be prepared. All that being said I still think it's an absolutely fantastic show trying to get to the truth behind Hannah Bakers suicide and the way they left this show means there will most definitely be a third season on the way. 



This a documentary based on all the dark areas of the internet. And I absolutely love the internet, after all without it then I wouldn't have a job. But there are some absolutely terrifying things that happen online and this documentary shares an honest view of them. It was really eye-opening to see how some people spend their time online and also how beneficial these things can often be. If you like things that are a little off the radar and a little odd then I cannot recommend this enough. The second season has just been uploaded and already I'm hooked and it's probably something I'll watch again.


Wild japan 

Whenever I feel anxious or particularly worked up then I like to watch a documentary on nature. Seeing how huge the world is, really helps me control my thoughts and also reminds me that I'm only one tiny human and not everything revolves around me. Anyway, Wild Japan shares everything about the wild animals in that part of the world and it was fascinating to learn what typically resides there. Not only does it cover the animals but how the humans and the animals live together in harmony. My favourite episode has to be the one about the deer and monkey island, fascinating! 


white right meeting the enemy 

  This is without a doubt one of the most important documentaries I've watched in years and something I think everybody needs to view. It's easy to kid yourself that the KKK or White Nationalists aren't really out there, but they are and they are terrifying. Deeyah Khan tries to get behind the mindset of people from the far right and by the end, it's absolutely incredible to see the outcome and the change that she made to these people. It's hard to watch, but it's so necessary in our current climate and the way the world is going. 


doomsday preppers

Whilst I cannot say that I've ever thought about preparing for the end of the world, some people think about it all day every day. I first put this on thinking it might be interesting to understand the thought process of these people and got totally suckered in. Part of me does think these people are a little out there with their thoughts for sure. However, there were some that have made such smart changes in their lives and created a really sustainable way of living which is something that interests me a lot. 


queer eye season 2

I've saved the best watch till last. Although I doubt there is anybody out there now who hasn't' watched the wonderful Queer Eye. The second season came out a few weeks ago and it was just as good, if not better than the first. The Fab 5 are just wonderful, wonderful humans and even though you're not the one being made over you feel better about yourself watching this show.

what have you watched on netflix lately?